Dual entandre | Climate Change or Climate Forcing

Watching from the quiet place within that allows one to see clearly beyond the hype and glare of human emotional responses to what they fear, that which they feel powerless to control. The heart vibrates at a frequency which embraces all and feels without reacting. It resonates at a frequency of the beauty within, a potential for evolutionary leaps. 

Today I woke wondering why I had jumped into comment on a Facebook group that is celebrating and promoting the rise of young people’s voice against climate change. Allow here a deep breath and pause so I may attempt to explain what I am about to share, it is not to stop this activism or condemn it in any way for there is a growing conscious awareness that the track we humans are on is unsustainable, destructive and always divisive even as we desire unity. What many still do not see or fully comprehend is that there is an AGENDA on planet earth that is driving the human genome to self either destruct or mutate to the bidding of those who assume the right to control and it’s been working at it for centuries, if not millennia.

For those who have studied and excavated the inner workings not only of the others whom have exerted so much power over societies and civilizations around the globe, for those who have also done their inner journey into their own shadow this exposing will already be apparent. This writing is an attempt to enter into the hallowed halls of climate activism, not to condemn or belittle what is surely a human’s childlike cry for change, it’s intent is to form and innerform the common human consciousness that arises from the deep heart where one knows that there is no division, there is no resistance … only love.

To speak about Greta Thunberg is risky for the program has not only molded her into the focal point of climate change, it is ruthlessly using this young woman’s passion to misdirect the attention of millions. Yes, she speaks of something we all carry inside, it is a cry for help. Stopping my fingers I look at the words: cry for help. To whom or what are we asking for help? Unfortunately most are still under the illusion that this help will come from world leaders, that they will suddenly awaken from the psychopathic need to control and listen to this young woman. On the other hand it drives us further askew for wrapped around her often scripted words are emotional triggers of guilt, shame and blame. It is the same with the impassioned pleas of those who have been dubbed minorities. Think here for a moment, called minorities, who thus imposed this label? The people who live daily lives among neighbors of different colors and cultures? Or the social engineers of political agendas and media whose sole purpose is to keep people misdirected, divided and in servitude. No race or culture is free from this talon grip of power and control.

I will include some video clips at the bottom of this page for those who will take a new look at “climate change”. It will help put into perspective our place on the planet Earth, our relationship to our solar disk and the now debated and recognized effects of climate forcing. There are clips of why CO2 is not the cause of “the greenhouse effect” and also some investigations into how data is manipulated into the agenda of control. We are being played to feel guilty, ashamed, belittled, and helpless.

Sun and Earth, comparison that we can perhaps contemplate what force is driving climate change.

When looking at the above image it helps bring in a perspective of our position within the cosmic plane, while it could make us feel extremely helpless in the face of a our sun, which quiet obviously could blast our jewel of a planet into nonexistence. Or it can emanate something else, an awakening within to find out more about our True Nature and a curiosity to know more about the traces left in the ancient scriptures and stone monuments that tell an epic story of humanity.

I am also including an article that clearly exposes why and by whom Greta Thunberg is being manipulated. What shocks me is not her manipulation for I have watched this for decades and only have compassion for those who have been picked up to be pawns on a chessboard to later be sacrificed when they cease to be useful. When we dare to step outside our own predisposed emotional responses our focus changes and instead of “the climate change game of blame and shame” we see beneath the facade and can start to exert our inner driven force to extract ourselves and our life blood from the machine that depends on us to continue to churn out lies and deceptions.

For myself this is the only true acceptance of responsibility. And within the subtle self observer every act and word becomes a vibrant energy, differences are all dissolved into a single action that accepts the unbearable burden of light.

Each of us is charged with the imperative to investigate, reserve responses until we have satisfied ourselves that what we are sharing is an aligned truth of impeccable impulses, those that have been stripped away of beliefs in other, even hope must go into the rubbish can at one point if we are to truly stand united.

Ask yourself the questions: Am I actualizing in spirit or am I outsourcing my potential to a media icon? Ask yourself if you are a feet on the ground bringing awareness to those around you, unafraid to speak in truth even if it means walking all alone? I am not putting my voice forward out of avarice or imposition, for I still waver within my own needs for instant emotional gratification, in my wavering of the heart that has me returning to the inner sanctuary where I can draw strength from the inexhaustible source.

Knowledge is only power once activated, and truth is only truth when it aligns in a straight line and intersects with the pure heart. Perhaps Greta Thunberg and all all the other youth carry this purity of heart, and perhaps they simply lack the opportunity to see expanding perspectives of real science, perhaps they need us to help show them that the agenda they are being spoon fed is not in their best interest nor the interests of uniting human beings in a great awakening that sheds its many colored lens of deception.

Professor Jordan Peterson on Climate Change and Climate Policy at the Cambridge Union

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“Climate Forcing” Made Easy


Be courageous enough to look at differing opinions, drop the time laden fear of seeing through the eyes of others with an open heart resonating with love.


P.S. My outer life has been moving so quickly so that while I penned this a few weeks ago I am just getting around to publishing today. So here is a WTF! snapshot that should give everyone pause to ask why they put any trust in the system that governs at all. This little blip is now at the top of several YouTube videos that have to do with “climate change”.


And while I felt I had missed the moment of relevancy by not publishing when the internet was clamoring with Greta, greta, greta I now realize that this is the perfect moment to perhaps be heard above the shouting. Greta “a pearl” is an apt name for this chosen one, emanate that the light of our true consciousness be reflected by within this young woman.