Earth Empaths 2020 | Being Your Own Prophet

She drifts in the early hours before sun rise, allowing the shifting tides to carry her along. Nothing arises within her, no longer rebelling against this emptiness, views of nebulae form and reform in the vastness of inner space, an inner ear tuned ever more to that which simply is. Images play across the screen of her mind, momentarily drawn and then erased. A long inhalation followed by the exhalation and words appear on a page.

This writing has been in progress all this past month of December 2019 and with each keystroke a new interweaving of thought would be heard, each one requiring a depth penetration readying her for the coming of the year 2020. For without introspection, without the willingness to change course in the fluid times we are experiencing we tend to cling to outworn, old and now tattered perspectives. As the planets move in the heavens, as the veils come crashing down we are called to something so totally new that it must be born from our innocence, our core and Source.

‘But, take heed of the false prophets, who come unto you in sheep’s clothing, and inwardly are ravening wolves.’ — Matthew 7:15

We are facing a cataclysm of perspective.

These days at the end of the solar cycle bear the fruits of our inward spiraling self, like it or not we are in the eye of the needle. Given is an opportunity to review the receding year which is presented to us in outward reality with the oft unpleasant manifestations so that we may see what we cling to, that which no longer serves. All turns with each unique being’s perspective.

Our human perspective is most often determined by the split of duality where we confront what our minds are conformed to see; right or wrong, left turn or right turn? And fuck it all if The Mind doesn’t know that this is false, the lie, and the deception yet we seem incapable of realizing union except for moments of lucid epiphanies.

So here are the many on the thrashing floor, all that no longer serves being beaten out of us as the chaff flies off in the wind. A good place to be for in this caldron we will be distilled to pure essence. Rebel or surrender, and the corollary question, to what? Both are necessary and when they walk hand in hand a clear path opens.

2020 Vision or Retrofitting the Unfit?

We’ve so long been held within the constructs of our mind, the mind that’s been compromised by the unremitting and often subconscious fear of pain, of loss, and the ultimate fear of its own irrelevance. The mind caught in perpetual looping patterns where it deceives itself to not be left out in the cold collective night of the soul. So decisions are made on the false premise of right versus left, success versus failure. The will left unformed inevitably leads to suppression of self, this is revealed by what we see as a state of paralyzed zombieism. This tremor of fear felt through the airways and causeways of human consciousness, vibratory expression from beneath the surface that is forming our outer world.

Undeniably we are making choices all the while refuting we are.

To sit long enough with the discomfort of self is to allow the feeling body become the great connector with the All. Silence expresses between the forming words. To sit long enough and resist the impulse to project these feelings on others, on situations, or worse allow the debilitating self-recrimination that does not give rise to a determinate action rather leaves one drowning in puddles of self pity, loathing and fear.

“She complained no more, she wept no more, she indulged no more in recrimination.” – Author unknown

How do we make sense of the immeasurable amount of data that the “woke” have been ingesting for over a decade now?

This is the question that plays around with me. It’s all data, bits and pieces of information most seemingly disparate, contradicting, and then the blatantly blaring false narratives. Codes. Our most paradigm changing challenge is to allow Prime Creator, the Holy Spirit, the soothing comfort of Grace, the in-dweller that is Life be our guide. Words can only capture the edge of what I wish to imbue on this page. It is the sound of music that is seldom heard, it is the rising of the inner light that leaves one breathless in wonder, it is the drive and the mastering of existence within, it is the teachings of those who walked before us and those who live within us… silently humming the song of the Beloved.

The Keeper of the Threshold, a Passage through the Shadow Self

There are moments when it becomes so starkly clear how perfectly designed we are for “To know thyself is to love thyself.”

The Keeper of the Threshold, guardian of the shining one who sits eternally waiting for those whose heart has been broken open to the expansive all. Depicted as the serene mysterious one in esoteric literature and art we draw close to the door that opens to the unknown.

Having stepped through the threshold in what seems like ages ago not knowing anything at all of this passage, it is only now in retrospect do I comprehend that those who dare look upon the peaceful continence of this guardian will be thrown into the shadow world of self torment, wandering endless labyrinths that lead nowhere, falling ever downward until one comes to rest in a place of eternal peace. For a rebirth to occur as the Living truth is the necessity of death of what came before. Without the inner journey that reveals what lies beneath our actions and our thoughts we will remain subjected to them.

How perfectly designed this is for yourself, for victim is the first part of the shadow that must be revealed and let go of.

There is only passage. All else is what has been dubbed Spiritual bypassing, the false hopes of new age group think which is but the same shadow of all religious doctrine which promises redemption by becoming a better person. There is a half truth in this for our acts of kindness, a compassionate caring for all, and showing up when you are called are necessary acts that build character. Alas, for those who choose to not know and embrace the shadow which is the 95% of the subconscious that is creating our realm we remain captured in the collective psyche. It ought to be obvious, stark cold obvious, that what we see playing out in other, be it the farce of political posturing, the endless wars, or the destruction of our biome must first be dissolved within the cauldron of self in order for the outward creation to reflect the pure light of being.

Without the faith and trust of what arises within we will continue to be subjected to the many false prophets, whether they come bearing gifts of knowing more, in the guise of scientists or priests if they promise a new land for profit, a new utopia, a belonging to other than Self you shall recognize them.

Your unique experience is everything and paradoxically it often leads you to question everything and then, in the spiral back to Self it ultimately reveals everything with Love intact. Tempered by love we become our own prophecy, navigating a steady course by the prevailing flow grace we can move in harmony with this universal call. Laying down long held beliefs, loosening the fetters of scarcity we leave the shore of meaningless distraction and decayed substances which no longer serve.

Pausing in my muse…  there really is this most almost unbearable rising within that exists with the focal desire to share this holy grail, this pure elixir that is the mix of fire and water, this breath that moves on the water which is the substance of Life.

Even these words I write

        . . . are redundant for the

                 . . . winds of time turn them to dust on a page.

Dedicated with ceaseless gratitude to friends who share so transparently, friends who have turned the key that unlocks the door of true abundance, friends who have freed themselves from the need to project unto another that which they have not yet redeemed within. Friends who have shattered the fear of speaking Truth with Love. And the most humble of all gratitude to those who have challenged me the most.

‘I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.’ 

— Hafiz of Shiraz