Coronavirus Fear, Germ Theory, Exosomes, and Resiliency – Thomas Cowan, MD, and Sayer Ji

*original video was taken down by YouTube, fortunately it’s been mirrored several times.

Good morning friends, listening to this video early this morning has given me further knowledge of how fear spreads the message to the body to express viruses. It’s time we rethink how we interpret our bodies… and then I found this quote in the comment section of the video which further lifted my own comprehension.

Given some time I will write a synopsis article soon, meanwhile I am busy with reforming our little shop here. Borders are closing and supply chains are interrupted so I am resourcing local suppliers of tinctures, fermented food and getting back to my plasma production. A friend lent me a colloidal silver generator so grassroots efforts return to the forefront. NO FEAR is key. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and LET THY FOOD BE THY MEDICINE. Spending the rest of my predawn morning in meditative contemplation while sitting in a hot bath with epsom and sea salts, some bicarbonate of soda, borax, plasma structured water and some lavender essential oil drops… sending you all love and peace.

Love unbound, fierce and free never sounded more necessary.

“It may shock you to know that all the world’s bacteria have access to a single gene pool, which has provided an immense resource for adaptation, manifesting an array of breathtaking combinations and re-combinations for three billion years! Any bacterium—at any time—has the ability to use accessory genes, provided by other strains, which permits it to function in ways its own DNA may not cover. The global trading of genes through DNA re-combinations provides for almost endless adaptation possibilities. Therefore, what has been done to one has been done to all. Widespread use of antibacterial agents is both futile and disastrous. Future life sciences and medicine will comprehend the more effective use of agents to stimulate positive adaptation of bacteria resulting in chains of supportive symbiosis. In the presence of love, these positive adaptations naturally occur. In the presence of hatred and fear, negative and resistant strains of bacteria are more likely. Life forms are ever changing, and yet the basic chemistry of life remains the same. Do not cling to forms that are passing, but seek for an understanding of life that embraces and includes all possibilities. This is accomplished through integrating and expanding patterns and relationships. In this way, you will see God as the creative power of life. When I asked that you love one another, I was not just giving you a recipe for human fellowship. This is the doorway to life eternal.”
(The Keys of Jeshua – Glenda Green)