Let’s Get Real | Do viruses cause disease?

Well friends, I find myself this morning with something most precious which is space and time to reflect on all the information I have consumed over the past months, along with some very intense experiences that needed to be integrated. We’ve been bombarded with opinions, hysteria and fear mongering on a massive scale. We are the experiment in full bloom and questions loom asking for deep inner contemplation, what is the truth that is unveiling before our physical eyes? What is real and how do we Become the Real?

I know my words are often wrapped with the inner ethereal outpourings of my soul. Looking back on them over that past years I stand in the truth that emanates from the inner me, my relationships with others and my abiding faith in our undeniable interconnectedness with the Natural Realms.

Transparency of being asks that I declare the perspective which I write from is a long standing knowing that disease states are NOT caused by germs and viruses. This knowing came long, long before I did any investigations, long before I heard about the danger and manipulation of vaccines and the horrid money machine that is now called Big Pharma. The supposed genetics in my family showed up in the chronic illnesses of asthma, eczema, and severe bronchitis accompanied by high fevers. When I was 18 and once again had a fever and started to cough violently in route to my college classes I had to pull over and stop my car, it then that a thought struck me like lightening. It was that I didn’t have to be sick and an inward resolve was made that I would no longer suffer from these familial illnesses. This is empirical and experiential knowledge because after that I stopped getting sick of respiratory disease. Period.

For years I have stated unequivocally that “germs” and “viruses” don’t exist, this was always stated with a certain inner mirth as I watched those who heard me not know how to answer such an seemingly outrageous statement. Even my bio-tech doctor husband of many years was floored to silence, I know he wanted to pull out text books and prove to me that they do cause disease but my resolve and humorously delivered statement left him without a road into to my psyche so he said nothing. I will now leave off my anecdotal writing or it would turn into a book.

**Yes, I have caught a few illness over the past forty plus years and yes I resorted to antibiotics a few times so I am not saying that they don’t have a place in treatment of some illnesses. Any biome will exhibit disease states as well as the existence of protozoa such as amoebas, parasites and bacteria that proliferate when out of balance. That said I also have almost solely relied on homeopathic remedies, herbal teas and tinctures along with basic healthy treatment of my body including supplements when needed. Perhaps most vitally I have delved the unseen and potent fields of energy and learned how to employee them to return to wholeness and vitality of spirit.

One more personal comment is that fear is the viral element driving humanity over a cliff right now. Fortunately I have had ample opportunity to conquer, incorporate and integrate states of extreme fear so am able to say that this is probably the most vital piece of the wholeness puzzle. Fear has a place in our psyche and biology, for example when it warns us of impending danger, however when fear drives us to irrationality it is now longer useful and is actually extremely damaging. I will be including several videos that I feel are essential to watch and contemplate during this time of isolation, (interesting definition for no man is an island). My suggestion is to use this time well as we aren’t through the eye of needle yet. There will be a calm time as we reach the eye of the storm but we still have to transit the other side. Be Love, Act Love, Let your Light shine!

I am attempting to distill information to a nutshell version for the variations on the theme are multiplitous. We live in a realm of multiplicity therefore every action, every thought, every emanation from our hearts does go out to be multiplied. Our Work is self awareness that we are in deed creating the world, are you ready to take command of your Being and Be the change? That my friends is an eternal question that is more vital to answer with every breath you take.

Together we are a vital resource and each of us has a voice, an embrace, an act of truth we can enact.

James Corbett has been consciously reporting for over a decade, his call to NOT Normalize the current situation is a sane and passionate voice. He always links the documentation for his reporting, he isn’t an opinion maker he is a careful researcher who presents his findings for your own discernment.

Truthstream Media has done exemplary work to pull back the veil of deception that has kept us from seeing how the Deep Dark State has infiltrated our minds… There documentary The Minds of Men is a great place to start for those who haven’t dared look behind the curtain of deception.

The Higherside Chats is one of my favorite YouTube channels, Greg is an often humorous and always intelligent host. I just listened to this video and it brings up some very important information on Tests and the total unreliability of tests for viruses. Please folks, it is an imperative to open your minds and listen to many perspectives even if they counter the prevailing and supposedly scientific dumps that have you in a state of immobility.

Another video that I consider a must listen to further crack the crack down on our freedoms. Knowledge does give us power only if we act accordingly. Also this podcast with Dr. Andy Kaufman from last week is another real eye opener: 203.5.1- I need a Diaper change and my Imaginary Crown

In my previous writing on the c-bug I shared Amandha Vollmer’s work. Her bio is impressive but even more vital is her staunch spirit standing up for all of us in Truth and Freedom. Her website is full of good, tried and true natural remedies.

Amandha Dawn Vollmer is a holistically minded mother, mompreneur, healer & herbalist. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Biotechnology (2000) from the University of Lethbridge & graduated from The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2008. She has also worked as a registered Animal Health Technician in Lab Animal Sciences at the University of Alberta and is trained in multiple holistic healing modalities. She currently designs and creates an all natural body care line of products to assist her clients and customers in maximum health and well being. Her website is yummymummyemporium.ca

Earth Empaths has held Truth to be our highest call and in the many years we have been actively sharing this seeking of Truth which has brought us to a radiant knowing that Love is the Truth. How you interpret this is up to you, up to your individual comprehension that requires an enactment of where you will draw your personal line in the sand.

Below are links to websites with resources that I have come to trust, this doesn’t mean I agree with everything they share and/ or promote, it means that they are strong individuals who have compiled an veritable treasure trove of documented information that stands on it’s own merit.

GreenMedInfo – Sayer Ji

I have read and used the resources on GreenMedInfo for a decade now. You can find valuable health advice coupled with a powerful voice for human beings to recover from the oppression and suppression of the disease caused by the overuse of pharmaceuticals by the drug peddling industry.

No More Fake News – Jon Rappoport

John Rappoport is an independent journalist whose work is a dual edge sword of truth, he not only knocks down the prevaling “science” narrative with deft strokes of his virtual pen he is a dreamer who fully embodies the power of our imagination.

Amazing Polly

For those who are politically driven and have been led like docile cattle down the chute of political correctness and social (ism) activism Polly strips away the narrative and clearly shows how the oligarchs that mask themselves as heads of state for the “greater good” are really psychotic parasites that work through tyranny to usurp total control of people, families, societies and nations.

There are so many other people I listen to regularly, too many to add to this short writing. I am blessed in having long conversations with good friends and am currently working at the grass roots level in our little communal microcosm of the greater whole… The first step in self knowledge is always going to be engaging enough courage to remove the falsity of all we’ve been indoctrinated to believe. I know this is difficult work and for some it is just now beginning so if you’re truly awake be prepared to offer assistance where ever you are called.

Love unbound, fierce and free


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