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Good morning friends, the days are getting longer and the psy-op (Physiological Operation) is in full bloom. This term is one that has been in the lexicon of those who were dubbed “conspiracy theorists”, the truth is that we are those who became aware of a world wide conspiracy many years ago, we’ve been on a frequency and resonance band pursuant of Truth and our divine inheritance as Free Beings. Aaron and Melissa Dykes have produced exemplary documentaries for years now.

My voice raises with thousands of other PEOPLE to bring this information to a wider waking audience.

My ardent suggestion is that those who can to download and save as many videos and documents as possible. Max Igan spoke this morning about the very real possibility of the internet being taken down and friends if this happens it won’t be the same internet when it comes back, it will be pure propaganda of Big Brother.

Love unbound, fierce and free… Christine

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