NO Way Back | 20yr FEMA Officer Lays Out The Long Planned GREAT RESET Agenda

I guess when you’ve been as deep in the varied fields of research for as long as I have one realizes it all makes sense, this AGENDA. We are being culled to be sucked up into the “Main Frame”. In my long talks with many real friends we’ve delved deeply into the Higher esoteric significance of the events. On one hand I am grateful and amazed to alive at this crucial time, I accept that I was called to be here so will do all I can within Spirit to be True to that call. On the other hand the aspect of the looming horror of living through what’s coming is requiring that I detach my Being from the physical realities into the pure essence of Creation, it requires that I see every LIVING thing through the eyes of pure energy, it requires that I love unconditionally.

Allow that I express an eternal gratitude for those who share so transparently with me, to those walking through these times at my side, for their love and valor and integrity. If any of you read these words you will know who you are… heck, you all know who you are for we’ve found a means to be in communion.

I found this and other videos of this woman, Celeste Bishop Solum. Listen at your own risk. If I hadn’t done my research over the course of these past years she might sound like a science fiction writer, however she is spot on and without any doubt telling her experiential and documented by the alien death cult’s own plans, the truth.

The question, the only question that I find of any importance to answer is: What am I going to do as a divinely created and imbued being? For myself there is only one answer and it is to walk upright, work hard with others and know the voice of spirit within me that guides each step. The outcome I don’t know but I have already risked everything for love anyway.

Love unbound, fierce and free… Christine Esther

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