Niels Kunze and Christine | Independently Healthy and Divine Biology

Niels Kunze is writing a book on becoming Independently Healthy. When he announced this on one of our recent group conversations we decided to upload a video sharing our experiences and individual journeys on accepting our personal responsibility when it comes to health and maintaining vitality.

We both feel that we are in a transformative process on all levels of existence. Niels’ approach is studious and analytical, the beauty of Niels is that he practices what he learns. He has many gifts so it’s a real joy to share with him. Christine is more intuitive in her innerstanding yet we both synchronize on our realizations.

Niels Kunze and Christine | Independently Healthy and Divine Biology
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Our conversation is full of simple health suggestions; from supplements to detoxing. I find Niels’ has a near encyclopedic wealth of knowledge, every time we talk I learn something and am filled with inspiration. We both agree that our body was divinely created and when we trust this we have access to some of the simplest methods to fully heal; body, mind, and soul.

It can’t be overstated that each individual is responsible for their own decisions, our intent is not to diagnosis or recommend that anyone blindly follow any suggestions we make. This isn’t your usual we are not a doctor so get your doctor’s advice, it’s an imperative to our work to inspire others to become curious about the human body and build an inner trust in it. So do your homework, talk to others who are practiced in natural health and listen deeply to your body’s messages.

Breathwork is probably the most crucial and free practice we can incorporate in our daily routine. Niels put together a document with the Wim Hof breathing practice he uses for those who want to participate.

If you would like to contact Niels this is his public email:

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