It’s Paul Unslaved | Standing in Truth, Honor, and Our Inalienable Rights

Christine first saw a video clip of Paul’s encounter with several police officers that was shared on some Telegram groups. He impressed her with his knowledge of Natural Law and his firm but polite manner. The police officers did not detain him in spite of the fact that he didn’t have car registration nor a driver’s license. A couple of months went by when Brian Young of High Impact Flix did a short video that led her to It’s Paul Unslaved YouTube channel.

Truth has a recognizable ring which comes through in authenticity, transparency, and the willingness to be vulnerable while at the same time standing in the strength of your convictions and faith. Christine heard this in Paul and wanted to get to know him better. His words shine with a Truth that all can benefit from hearing.

For those who don’t yet comprehend that the system of man-made statutes and rules are for the most part criminal it is one of the most empowering endeavors to be undertaken.

“This phantom world gave you false signs. But you turned from the illusion and journeyed to the land of truth.” ~ Rumi

After recording we agreed that we would speak again. There is an interesting collective dynamic developing as more people continue to shed false beliefs and heal from lifetimes of trauma. This allows one to easily recognize an individual following their inner gnosis. It is a process which removes projections and judgement on another’s individual choices. This path is often difficult to achieve for the ego is in a constant battle trying to obtain the soul’s subservience.

The ego, like the mind, has a proper place within one’s inner hierarchy When you are no longer ruled by ego-mind then Creator, God, Universal Intelligence are given free reign to guide and inform. The closer a Being is to internalizing and activating the truth of “as above, so below” there arises a state of lucidity bestowing on one inner sight and an expansive peace with the All.

“The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.” – Robin Sharma

“The mission is a common sense, courteous approach to educating folks about common law and the legal system. The intent is to provide a platform for public servants to act in good faith, and also educate those that are misinformed. The goal of my life and media is to create a functional community together based in truth and understanding as well as upholding universal law aka the common law.” – Paul Unslaved

From my perspective it is an imperative of we the people to know Natural Law, Maxims of Law and to forge this sword of Truth at the very center of you Being. Below are a few links to visit.

Maxims of Law

Road to Freedom

Many have walked this road before, leaving markers of wisdom and knowledge. I am grateful to all for giving voice to the ALL, Supreme Accordance of Law.

Do not forget to laugh out loud, often and with vigor.