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Christine first came across Amandha in late 2018 and felt a strong resonance with her work. Amanda’s wealth of knowledge, her authentic spirited delivery of truth, and the beauty of finding the courage to be self reflective are human qualities which are truly admirable. In our talk she exposes her own vulnerabilities and shares her journey as a healing arts practitioner. When any human steps onto the path, seeking knowledge and truth, there are many challenges along the way; we explore some of these and what it takes to overcome the pitfalls and obstacles.

Amandha shares a characteristic often observed in the most empathic people, they feel others’ pain so acutely which can often translate to a deep frustration that others can’t accept the help offered. Without the courage to do the necessary self-reflective work of looking within, this frustration can turn to anger. Amandha candidly speaks of her own journey and what it means to reach a state of non-judgement and inner tranquility.

We dipped our toes into many subjects from flat Earth to how hormones and pheromones transfer information from one human to another. It’s an exciting field to investigate and could provide an answer for the question everyone asks when first confronting Terrain theory; “How do groups of people simultaneously get the same symptoms if it isn’t germs or viruses?”

I honestly think (and feel) we are on the verge of astounding new discoveries and that holistic science that will unlock this long-forbidden knowledge.

Amanda Dawn Vollmer (ADV)

Professional Holistic Practitioner – Amandha Dawn Vollmer (ADV) holds a degree of Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto and a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Biotechnology from the University of Lethbridge. She is a professional Eclectic Holistic Health Practitioner, helping people to prevent disease and heal naturally for over 15 years.

She owns and operates YumNaturals Emporium (, in Ontario (Canada) where she designs and produces handcrafted, all-natural body care remedies, since 2012. She is also a blogger, vlogger and the mother of a young and creative daughter. She shares her precious holistic health knowledge and the wisdom of Mother Nature in articles and countless videos on her blog called Yummy.Doctor.

Amandha is also the published author of Healing with DMSO, a science-backed guide that will help readers understand how DMSO works, why it works, and the many ways we can harness its power to heal aches, pains, and other ailments, all in an easy-to-read and friendly way. She is passionate about health and truth and is not afraid to voice her opinion, candidly using humour to deliver the message. During these challenging times, she has been recognized as one of the brave souls to tell the truth about what’s really going on in the world, encouraging and empowering people to be their own master.

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Master Class on Healing with DMSO

Amandha Vollmer reveals extraordinary DMSO protocols too controversial to publish!  

Amandha Quote:

“Can you attempt to understand how you have been trained to think you need to attend to the fraudulent medical hoaxers called MDs? Their egos so inflated and their minds so controlled they parade their false heroism around bragging their way into the common society as something essential to health and life.

When instead they have only degraded health, meddled to create problems, worsened life expectancy, suppressed every symptom possible to create the epidemics of chronic disease that we see today, all the while supporting a drug cartel hell bent on brutally destroying the true healers, the real medicine (that grows right out of the ground) and the existing cures. Then, preposterously, their handlers lie about it and say the very opposite blasted through their controlled manipulated “science” journals, lying media and the TV propaganda machine! 

They are to be discounted at every measure and fired at every opportunity. I beg you to STOP SUPPORTING THIS MASSIVE FRAUD. 

We must recognize we have all been brainwashed to need them, sacrifice our children to their experimentation in false science (known as “scientism”, based on a profit and control agenda), and in ignorance (as the controlled school system will ensure you know nothing of the simplicity of basic self-care) believe bodies need to be cut open to repair from injury (what a joke!). 

Frankly, as a medically trained, science trained, holistically trained, educated and unschooled healer (meaning I had to discern between the truth and the fiction of what I was taught, even in ND college), I am exhausted at this phenomenon and work tirelessly to clean people up from the MESS these robots cause to people’s health (if it’s not too late). I then train people to be their own doctors & undo the fear conditioning to walk away from these white coat plagiarizers once and for all. 

It’s up to us now, we must empower ourselves in this manner. 

There is a large and growing body of work that throughly debunks the Germ Theory model which the pharmaceutical giants have made fortunes on. They are using this fraud to commit genocide and genetically modify the human genome. If you doubt this statement there is a requirement of doing more homework, it’s all out there and to ignore it is to remain willfully ignorant.

In the articles below my own unequivocal statements were made within a few months of the great CON ***. They were met with derision by some, anger by others, in some it provoked a cognitive dissonance that drew them to do their own research. By now the most aware humans on the planet are doing some very deep dives. They are diligently uncovering the rate of death and injury caused by the injection, divulging that the “never been isolated virus” is in fact a computer code.

Meanwhile to cover their tracks, the shyster-clowns are wagging the dog to create the fog of war. Frankly speaking, there are too many aware beings who see through every move they make and are meeting their lies head on with a resounding Truth that cannot be stopped. – Christine

Below are links to two articles written in March and April of 2020, the great value I find in writing is that I can journey back in time and realize that my intuitive body and questing mind are usually on the mark.

For years Christine has stated unequivocally that “germs” and “viruses” don’t cause disease, this was always stated with a certain inner mirth as I watched those who heard me not know how to answer such a seemingly outrageous statement.
Fear has at least two faces; the fear of disease and what we can’t control (the false narrative) and a more insidious one is the fear of being wrong therefore the refusal to look at perspectives contrary to the prevailing script.