Video | Being a Bearer of Cosmic Light in Times of Darkness

It’s been nearly six years since the five of us have recorded a group sharing. Our talk covers our personal perceptions, the challenges we’ve navigated and where we are now. Being the Light in the Dark is a call that many answered, were tested and had to learn to empower themselves from their core connection to Source. It is an uplifting co-versing that we hope you enJOY.

The highest technology on the Earth plane is the Human Being. We’ve been systematically led to believe there is a technology that can predict and implement agendas. This is done to continuously and insistently lead us to think we need devices to communicate. If you comprehend plasma field physics (the ether) and electro-magnetism you realize that the whole of creation runs on simple principles and we were created in the “image and likeness” formed from the same elements of Earth.

That said, it is seemingly true that by “Seeing” or Being Light without personal agenda, we change the field and any planned event can be halted. Situated in Peace, unmovable in Truth, and Aware are keys to the ever present Now, for time is but a construct and human measure of simultaneously occurring events.

Written October 28, 2018 by Christine:

I have been researching and writing for many years about the nature of reality, human consciousness and how conscious awareness interfaces with our world. In the process I became acutely aware that something wasn’t correct about how we were taught to think of the world. Since early childhood we are shown static models and given to believe that science knows everything. We are in great need to break down this paradigm into the fundamentals of what lays beneath the physical form.

This short video was an endeavor to bring forth some information that we vitally need to become more fully aware of. At the turn of last century many brilliant minds introduced a model of the Universe based on energy, magnetism and frequency. To name a few: Nikola Tesla, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Viktor Schauberger, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, and Royal Rife. The fact is this development of life enhancing rather than destructive technologies was suppressed, stolen, or destroyed. Dr. Reich was arrested and spent the end of his life in prison for developing a passive energy device that was bringing rain to the crop fields desolated by draught during the great depression.

I mention this for those who are unaware to give pause and question why this was done. Those who were committed to keeping the world, in a materialistic model ruled the day and so we entered the industrial revolution and with it came the dominance of the machine; from petrochemical fueled engines to the building of dams to produce electricity, we have negatively impacted our world. We’ve been turned into consumers with little awareness of the ongoing destruction this mentality is creating nor do we know what lies behind it.

Human consciousness is now at a juncture, and we must choose whether to allow this destruction to continue or open our minds and hearts towards suppressed science and a more metaphysical or holistic view of reality. For as we allow for the continued destruction of our biome we are also experiencing damage to our bodies and our children’s bodies. Through the overuse of pharmaceutical drugs, with all their side effects coupled with the now prevalent use of psychotropic or mood-altering drugs millions of people all over the world have been irrevocably harmed.

For many decades now I have been a free thinker and deep diver in the unseen realm of energy. My work in this short video is to introduce suppressed knowledge and real science. It is an offering to help others come to an innerstanding of the true nature of reality. Once we relearn to think with our heart’s biomagnetic field, the possibilities are infinite. With love and an observant clear mind we can create anything.