Why Refuse the Offer of The Covid “Vaccine” by karelia

It is a sign of the times that I feel it would be helpful to some to explain why I am declining the offer of this ‘vaccine’. Acquaintances ask why not, and whether I am afraid of a needle. Managers ask why I object against being vaccinated against ‘a dangerous disease.’ For a while, restaurants didn’t serve me because I did not have a vaccine certificate to show, though they could not give a reason beyond ‘regulations.’

I have so many reasons to decline this offer of gene “therapy” that I probably forget half of them each time I get pulled into a conversation on the subject, so I’ll attempt to lay them out here for all to see.

I’ll start with religious reasons. I am not religious, but that does not make me an atheist. I simply do not follow organised religion. My creator – call him/her God, Allfather, Goddess, whatever you like – created me absolutely perfect for the life I live. If I accepted this vaccine, which is not really a vaccine, since it is considered gene therapy, I would assume that my creator missed something when s/he created me because mRNA, also known as messenger RNA, can and does change DNA. For me, that would simply be blasphemous beyond imagination.

Besides the admitted mRNA being an ingredient, this ‘vaccine’ very likely contains at the very least traces of other foreign DNA, coming from monkeys, pigs, chickens, and aborted foetal cells. I cannot tell you in detail because the “data sheets” found online – that at some point replaced the vaccine inserts that had to be available to anyone considering a vaccine – do not give the full information – or if they do, it is veiled with various renamed items. For example, ‘Medium 101’ was the term for something grown on aborted foetal tissue. You do not find it on data sheets these days, and it is not because the product is no longer used. I guess changing the foetal tissue from the original 1970s Russian aborted foetus might have justified renaming it into something even more obscure. Or maybe it isn’t PC anymore to use Russian aborted foetal tissue. Who knows.

That leaves me with the question, do I want to be injected with something that may or may not contain DNA from animals or killed not-quite-yet human beings? No, thank you. The risk, for me, is high, since there is very little known in the public realm about mixing DNA from different species and probably for good reason. The mere thought of the possibility that I might start grunting like a pig, jump from one tree to another like a monkey, start laying eggs like a chicken, and never mind what traits that unborn child had – leaves me shuddering. My creator equipped me with the DNA that is perfect for me, perfect for what I need to learn in order to go back to the Source of All There Is, and I doubt Bill Gates et al know more than I do in that regard.

Now, let’s move to common sense, which nowadays is whispered to be a superpower, though it wasn’t long ago when most people had a healthy portion of it. Covid-19, or CoronaVirus, has symptoms identical to the cold and flu; you know, the common ones that some people get every year, and others get every few years. But I have, in my many years of recent living on this planet, never come across anyone who has never had either a cold or a flu. The CDC has admitted several times that the CoronaVirus has never been isolated. Oops. Just like HIV. That has never been isolated either. Or the Measles Virus. Or the (insert any name) virus. There is a reason the germ theory is still called a THEORY after more than 100 years of it having been “discovered.” The WHO, ready to take over the world and control of every single country and every single living being in it, has made an elephant out of a fly, and the majority of people have fallen for it. I ran out of facepalms a while ago, seeing, long before the latest scam, how people with health problems go to hospitals and return home sicker than they were, only differently sick. Usually worse. What the pHARMa calls medicine is, in reality, health-debilitating drugs, and what the PC folk call drugs can be considered worth investigating for its health-benefitting properties – you know, cannabis, ayahuasca, even LSD. Of course, what can be expected from a system that tells you to simply inject insulin if you have carbs and sugar instead of guiding you towards a diet without carbs so your diabetes is cured. Any significant cure wouldn’t make money, and there is the crux of the entire situation. Name one government or government agency that isn’t listed on D&B, and you’ll find none – or very few, if only because they disguised the name beyond recognition.

The saying ‘Follow the money’ is true when it comes to matters of health (or any other matter in our current reality, but that’s a subject for a different musing). When an institution, perhaps originally created to serve humanity, to serve the people, becomes incorporated, from the smallest local level to the biggest national level, ie. municipalities (the institution that sells you the birth certificate for your offspring – thus making your children their property) to state governments (for example Bundesrepublik Deutschland Finanz GmbH – the corporation formerly known as the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany), then the main goal becomes profit. Unfortunately, the human beings running these institutions are not too shy to bury their ethics in favour of profit, even – or perhaps especially – when it comes to making profit not only out of people’s misery but from creating that very misery themselves.

My heart goes out to the people who were made to suffer in the name of profit, but also to those who facilitate the destruction of lives in the name of profit. Every action has a consequence, and haughtiness comes before the event.