Earth Empaths | Going Deep with Randy Maugans

Randy Maugans is a long time and dear friend to many; both Claudia and myself have had the gift and pleasure of knowing him over the course of these tumultuous times. The three of us have traveled down many similar dark corridors, we have experienced and taken detailed notes of the prevailing themes of the past decade. It has been invaluable to have Randy as a friend and confidant; he’s always been willing to make time for a private conversation or an interview.

In this conversation or as I like to spell it, co-versing, we give voice to many of those topics; from the beginning of the internet—the initial programs and programmers of the technological wet dream. We touch on Project Looking Glass, Gray “aliens”, time travel and what time actually is. We unabashedly explore the possible and potential nature of this realm, it was fun and uplifting for the three of us to share perspectives from the Eye of the Storm.

The resounding resonance that I hear in the ether is that we must take our attention off the repeating narrative of those who, thinking they are controllers are really only comic book characters. The more of us that accomplish this in full will quicken the “them” revealing “themselves” to the greater mass of humanity. Evil will destroy itself, all we need is heightened (as in The Most High) awareness and grounding our feet in the holy ground of Earth.

We are at the end of a great cycle—an epoch of humanity’s rise and fall. Speaking for myself it is becoming abundantly clear that, as individuals, we are called to distill all that has passed into unforgettable Wisdom, crystallized into remembrance. No more past repeating in the future nor clouding the present moment, there are greater and far more wondrous realms to explore.

“You see, evil always contains the seeds of its own destruction. It is ultimately negative, and therefore encompasses its downfall even at its moments of apparent triumph. No matter how grandiose, how well-planned, how apparently foolproof of an evil plan, the inherent sinfulness will by definition rebound upon its instigators. No matter how apparently successful it may seem upon the way, at the end it will wreck itself. It will founder upon the rocks of iniquity and sink headfirst to vanish without trace into the seas of oblivion.” ―Neil Gaiman

To which I will add; A lie can’t stand in the face of Truth.