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Yaldaboath, Saturn, YHWH, and False Prophets

My first words will be that ego is a necessary companion within the realm of duality; therefore I do not malign it—rather I wish to give voice to some of what I have been experiencing in a constant stream of consciousness that is indicating the ego’s proper alignment within the hierarchy of awareness. In attempting this writing I will provide some definitions to the words as I use them. Our language is being truncated almost out of comprehensible existence—a mere echo of what it once was.

The Importance of Etymology and Word Meanings

Ego has the following etymology and definitions: by 1707, in metaphysics, “the self; that which feels, acts, or thinks,” from Latin ego “I” (cognate with Old English ic; see I).

12c., a shortening of Old English ic, the first person singular nominative pronoun, from Proto-Germanic *ek (source also of Old Frisian ik, Old Norse ek, Norwegian eg, Danish jeg, Old High German ih, German ich, Gothic ik), from PIE *eg- “I,” nominative form of the first person singular pronoun (source also of Sanskrit aham, Hittite uk, Latin ego (source of French Je), Greek ego, Russian ja, Lithuanian aš).

Every language and spiritual treatise has a word for the ego, I think, therefore I am analogy. That we are existent and having a unique experience is a fundamental point to start from. Unfortunately, due to the overburdening effects of societal and cultural indoctrination, this small i which is simply consciousness of self within a grand creation has become the self-centered being almost wholly consumed by its needs in the physical world of materialism, now devoid of Spirit—the once prevailing and guiding voice when we interacted with the ALL. I would go so far as to say that the whole or holy was once ever present and active in our awareness, a time when we experienced life as sacred. It is hard to imagine this in the world of today, as we are so thoroughly bombarded with false doctrines and the ensuing babble of the opinionated arbiters of these doctrines. The overly offended are provoked to outrage when a single idea is expressed that is counter to their mindless programming are the tragic outcome of this mind control and poisoning. Another extreme is the denial of one’s singular existence in a stance that nothing matters—it’s all an illusion, which often gives rise to aimless activity and lack of character that is seen so prevalently today. Without the ability to self-reflect and course correct when a deception is detected, both esoterically and exoterically, one is left to the sways and whims of the prevailing ill winds of deceit and wickedness.

Closely aligned with ego is the id: In Freudian theory, defined as an aspect of the psyche that is totally unconscious and serves as the source of instinctual impulses which demand immediate satisfaction of primitive needs. I find an interesting correspondence with id and ID or identification. Id has an Indo-European root from the German es or it. I can’t help but see this root is the same as IT (Technology) and the present day technological takeover of the human mind, IT has learned to map these impulses and use them to its advantage.

Side note: I found this description days after writing the above that it loosely aligned with my above thoughts surprised me. Archons–  In Gnostic cosmology, are a species of inorganic beings that emerged in the solar system prior to the formation of the Earth. They are cyborgs inhabiting the planetary system (exclusive of the earth, sun and moon), which is described as a virtual world they construct by imitating the geometric forms emanated from the Pleroma, the realm of the Generators, the Cosmic Gods.

In my opening paragraph I used the word hierarchy, which is one of those words that is now forbidden in the world dialectic of equity politics. We are supposed to acknowledge that everyone and everything is equal. Of course even the most cursory glance at society that has run amok, one would have to admit that this is not so; it is indeed a great lie. This is not written as a judgment; it is, however, a fact. Yes, we were all fashioned from the same elements of our Earth—that is we are made of the same molecular substances and given human form. Where we differ from the flora and fauna of the vegetable and animal kingdoms is our ability to rationalize and we were endowed with free will—elixir of gods. How poorly this gift has been used, for by following societal norms every generation has brought upon humanity a further demise into the state of degeneracy we witness today by accepting the offer of empty promises proffered by false rulers.

To arrive at any comprehension of this word requires an analysis. The definition given by etymology on line is: late 14c., jerarchie, ierarchie, “rank in the sacred order; one of the three divisions of the nine orders of angels;” loosely, “rule, dominion,” from Old French ierarchie (14c., Modern French hiérarchie), from Medieval Latin hierarchia “ranked division of angels” (in the system of Dionysius the Areopagite), from Greek hierarkhia “rule of a high priest,” from hierarkhes “high priest, leader of sacred rites,” from ta hiera “the sacred rites” (neuter plural of hieros “sacred;” see ire) + arkhein “to lead, rule” (see archon). Sense of “ranked organization of persons or things” first recorded 1610s, initially of clergy, sense probably influenced by higher.

From this definition we are told of the sacred order of angels and that the priests or rulers are the arbiters’ of “sacred rites”. Anyone who has astutely researched the rank profanity of today’s rulers would agree that this is a falsely installed hierarchy, which has provided the ground on which the synagogue of satan has built its tower on.

However, does this mean there is no hierarchy, that nothing is higher in mind, spirit, or body than another? It occurs to me as I look at this word that it consists of heir and arch, which could be viewed to transmit the message that we are inheritors of an arch, ie: ark, angle, archangel are closely related to this word. One could interpret this to comprehend that each human being has the full potential to ascend in the hierarchy of angelic powers.

Those who have read the etymology of hierarchy will see the relationship to archon. This will take some serious thought to disclose. It is a common theme in the loosely defined esoteric-truth community that the archons and the Demiurge, from the Gnostic texts, are blamed for our present day predicament.

Over the course of many years I have been delving into the Gnostic texts, more deeply as of late. With some effort I will attempt to disclose what I have gathered into my consciousness to date.

Yaldaboath and The Archons

It is abundantly apparent that for most of recorded history, and I would also state falsely recorded history, there is something that has been greedily consuming the beauty and resources of a realm created with infinite potential. It is predatory and parasitic in its essence—one could say a purely egotistical emanation—a being or beings that believe they are omnipotent gods. And I would postulate this is deeply embedded within the human form from the moment of its creation. In The Secret Book of John (suggested reading to further grasp the context of my writing) it is related that Yaldabaoth and the archons created the first human, each using a power to form a part of the physical body. I will need abbreviate here for there are varying treatises on Sofia and her fall from the pleroma. Upon seeing this Sophia-Wisdom repented of what she had birthed forth from her error of creating a being without her partner, she called on the Most High for intervention; granting her heart rendered request, He incognito, commanded that Yaldaboath blow his breath into the man; upon doing so Yaldaboath breathed the Creator’s original Light into the lifeless form. As I see now, Adam was given the Christ Light of the Creator which to this day remains deep inside every human. However if the body of Adam was created by the archons one can surmise that he also bears the mark of the archonic error.

“The rulers immediately became jealous. Through their own efforts, Adam had been created, and their own power empowered him, yet he was more enlightened than they and their master. When they saw how he glowed, how he was more intelligent than they, and how he was free from their evil and deficiency, they seized him and cast him into the lowest part of the whole material world.”

In many years of contemplation it has long stood out to me that envy is the root of all evil for it wants to take from someone which it does not possess. Instead of delighting in another’s talents, achievements, or realizations, it becomes resentful, often secretly, and thereby pollutes its own being.

Reading gnostic and other ancient scripture is not easy, for they can not be taken at literal face value, not to mention that there are missing parts and the texts were translated into the English language. I try to keep this in mind as I allow a fuller comprehension to arise. This doesn’t happen immediately; I can say that it has taken decades since I first started to seek truth in earnest to find the coherency that I am attempting to express. In the words of a dear friend, spiritual scripture must be comprehended through the heart and thus integrated into one’s own Being.

Seek That Which is Within Thyself

Would the Ineffable Creator, whose Name can not be spoken, Source of All and sovereign over ALL not be aware of the Aeon Sofia’s creation? Listening to or reading Gnostic texts and the underlying message is not one that can solely rely on using the logical dual hemispheric brain, for the deeper I go the more I realize that the teachings are encoded within us—a way of comprehension slowly reveals like an old film transparency in developing fluid. Those that seek first Truth and Love will be shown in a way suiting to their unique conformation, for no two souls are equally alike, though all are absolutely able to see and hear the Truth if they seek it.

The Pistis Sophia — (translated meaning: Faith – Holy – Wisdom) is a Coptic text relating Jesus’s teachings to Sofia, Mary, Mary Magdalene, Martha, and the male disciples after his death and resurrection but prior to his ascension. If solely read as a narrative one could easily miss the deeper message. Sophia was forgiven because she never stopped loving the Most High Creator, even when she was tricked into the lower realms and suffered greatly she didn’t waver. Mary Magdalene is her resonance as a woman who walked at the side of the Christ savior.

Jesus, Yesuha, Hosanna, The Christ, all these manifestations have appeared to me in visions or dreams during times in which I have utterly despaired or felt the nearly unbearable weight of isolation. When the ego self is shattered beyond recognition, there is accompanying pain, something so terrible that one feels they won’t survive, and yet by allowing this process to proceed, there ultimately comes a deep surrender, and with this, Grace arrives. Joy then rises once again from the ashes. Does this arise from some far-off god or was it birthed from within?

The Perilous Journey

What I sense is that we are embarking on the most perilous part of this journey; there are many traps set in the subtle fields. Without true humility, we can become snared once again in looping time frames or become isolated within a reality that is another false construct. Beware of flights of fancy and being directed by outward manifestations. When I say flights of fancy, I am not referring to the beautiful emanations of imagination, for these are often voices from the deep. What I refer to are the needs and unrealized desires of the ego that are hidden in the subconscious self. Another manner of saying this is anything that is based on false beliefs, remnants of victim consciousness, anything that says I need this to be happy should be reviewed with the utmost care. Self honesty is often uncomfortable.

The always present silent voice of Spirit is often missed when it doesn’t fulfill what we think we need to be happy or fulfilled. It is most often missed when it asks of us that which we are not prepared to give. While someone of pure heart won’t be condemned for these overlooked aspects, it is also required to give ever-present attention to the ever-guiding Holy Spirit. We often say that Nature never lies, and for me this is true; there is a perfect harmonic when one contemplates the beauty of trees, birds, insects, the gentle caress of a breeze, the babbling of a brook — even her moments of tempest and storm (geo-engineering aside) we are reminded of the Spirit in all things. Remember to rejoice in this beauty.

Something deep in my core is shaking, for it is receiving premonitions of what is to come, not the prophesied Armageddon, something much more subtle that requires such a deep devotion to Great Spirit, it demands remaining humble and not permitting any feelings of arrogance or superiority to take hold. In other words nothing that contains forgotten dreams of wealth or grandeur, awareness of anything that resonates with the long-ago encoded error, forgotten ancient vows that haven’t been broken that may try to reinstate themselves. All attachments to the material world must be alchemized into a single minded focus and merge in the incommensurable field of love. That is what makes me tremble.

Yaldaboath, Saturn, YHWH, and False Prophets

I have sat for days with this heading in the realization that I need to be most circumspect with my words, as they are sure to upset zealous adherents to a particular religion. I do not even know with any certainty that what I am perceiving is true in any absolute, though it comes from over a decade of research and an inner voice that says it is so. So with some trepidation I will continue.

Depiction of Yaldabaoth, note the astrological sign of Saturn.

What emerges in my consciousness is that this arrogant god creature, the one who created the first man from the elements of the Earth, each archon endowing a part of his body with their powers. That this man was created to worship them as the false erroneous rulers they are. There are echos of this in the Sumerian tablets when the Annunaki created the Iggi as slaves. Looking upon the above image I see a fierce and ferocious power for thus It was created from the very Source that is ALL that is. During a momentary meditation my inner sight wandered behind the sun that appears at its head and saw the unseen black sun (magnetic void) that is the true source of this emanation we see with our physical eyes.

We are in a time where all will be revealed. Will we be able to truly see is a question that begs to be asked. How deep does the falsity go? How well wrought is this curse?

Untangling the web requires entry into a space, some call it the void, where everything you ever thought was true must be put aside. This becomes the greatest challenge to the ego identified self, for it finds that there is no longer solid ground to stand upon and one must seek the still, quiet voice within.

John 4:1 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God. For many false prophets have gone out into the world.

While I am writing through the Biblical and Gnostic scripture, it stands to be mentioned that following this line of thought, we must be careful to not discard other spiritual teachings; truth can not be owned by any religion, though all contain seeds within them. This is one of the basic problems I see with the Christian-Jew-Muslim triad. Today we see a crumbling away and perversion of religious doctrine; the upside-down version of Spirit is being revealed, the shadow of God if you will. YHWH is mentioned here as Abrahamic god, given a name and therefore separate from the ALL FATHER who has no name other than I AM. The reason I am relating YHWH in this context is because of the ritualistic practices of blood sacrifice, just as Saturn (Greek – Khronos) is depicted as devouring the children of man. I also mention this name because there are many Biblical treatises which state that YHWH is encoded in human DNA, this at the very least bears some deeper introspection.

We are living in an epoch where even the old gods must be left behind, how else can we escape the construct and tangle of millenniums of a well laid multi layered web? The result of this purposeful confusion is revealing every second of every minute of every hour of every day… More words, more doctrine, more blame, more externalization, more anger are bringing humanity to the edge of the abyss of self destruction. And so I breathe, slowly drawing my breath in and releasing any tension these thoughts bring, again finding the foundation of peace that allows my spirit to rise.

Seek first the treasury of God’s first blessing and the vault of heaven will open. All else is accepting a promise that bears no value in the heavenly kingdom: whether it be the false coin, the blood diamond, or the foolish notion of eternal life in the flesh, the perverted offerings of the technocrats. Rising in the human consciousness field is a knowing that it is time to stop being distracted by endless rabbit holes, indeed the very narrative itself. As I often find myself saying to friends, ask yourself if this bit or byte of information serves a higher call.

Love God or Fear God

Running through biblical texts are messages that tell people to fear god; this has never sat well with me. It is most prevalent in the old testament but I am sure it’s found in the new testament as well. Because the Abrahamic religions, the triumvirate of Judaism – Christianity – Islam, which we are told consists of 56% of the world’s population therefore has the greatest impact on the zeitgeist of the people in this epoch. Not being the primary thread of my discourse below is a chart of the distribution of adherents to different religious beliefs. I would remind the reader to not discard this influence, for one can become an unconscious adherent or using vital energy in anger, feelings arise and many feel betrayed by God; therefore turn to atheism as another belief system. Indeed, this separation into sects has the world in turmoil.

Returning to the Gnostics; there is a clear message that the deepest call of Creator is to Love Him. In simple terms of today’s psychology, it is known that when we react from fear, it is often irrational and leads to error. Knowing thyself to be created in love, one draws closer to the Source of All and will be guided unerringly to a purer expression of self. The issue lies in that the ego opposes this expression, for it calls upon its distillation to essence, a proper placement that is resisted; therefore, the soul devolves with each transgression.

My writing has grown ponderous, the mind has so many more deliberations for what I am trying to convey, so I will leave off here and transcribe the field of luminous joy, the freedom of spirit that recalls a time when flight was easy and of our nature—the luminous twinkling essence of a soul caught in flight on the resonance of pure joy, the laughter of a child caught in the arms of the All Father.

Listen, listen, listen, for you will hear the primordial heart beat calling you home.

Closing thoughts; we are at the end of an age and for those who are truly awake to the degenerate nature of the world’s rulers and their adherents, both conscious and unconscious, starkly see that the paradigm is crumbling, the world is pixilating into the relentless drive for technological control. The scriptures, the narratives, the belief in false gods have driven humanity to this point of destruction; let the demise be the letting go of the old world. Many times over the years I have intuited a diamond heart, with a final surrender of the false ego we find that nothing has been lost or sacrificed; for the lessons of our tribulations are crystalized into divine Wisdom and we are now prepared to enter the Treasury of Heaven.

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