A.I. and Synthetic Christ Consciousness | New Frank Jacob Interview

I had the real pleasure of spending time with Frank and Tania in 2012, both were Earth grounded and yet radiated a cosmic awareness. We shared some precious moments for which I remain grateful. We’ve moved through a decade of time now; it is a gift to hear Frank speaking with Jean from Inspired and feel the resonance that many of us share, albeit without the technology being promoted. I am sharing this video because I see so many trapped in the New Age construct, the controllers have done an incredible job in mirroring true consciousness and turning it upside down. This is also seen in the white-hats-trump-coming-to-save-us-just-think-good-thoughts narrative, an adolescent view at best.

This comment below the video echos what so many of us are realizing in Truth. I would add that by following my inner guidance that both The Heart Math Institute and Deepak Chopra left me feeling cold, the words sounded true but rang hollow. As we enter into the deeper subterranean regions of our own subconscious shadow we bring forth the false beliefs that once supported our view of the world and we SEE the overlaying of false realities. This narrow pathway to freedom is fraught with more and more subtle veils, speaking from my own being I see the requirements of the road ahead which at times feel daunting to such a human mind.

OMG, I was a part of Barbara’s “conscious evolution/emergence” when we moved to Santa Barbara, CA in 1999, and I followed and participated in it for a while and couldn’t buy into it. I felt something was off all along and I tried so hard to “fix” myself so I could be a part of what she promoted … BUT it couldn’t resonate with me. I was personally involved/introduced to many of the ones you mention, including, Sahdguru at ISHA in McMinnville and trained in shambavi … BUT couldn’t go further because something felt so off about him. WE ARE THE ONES. EACH OF US IN OUR WHOLLY HOLINESS. I HAVE BEEN PRAISING RUSSELL BRAND and I will be deeply disappointed if he is truly out of INTEGRITY. I remain OPEN TO ONLY GOOD WHICH IS BEYOND ANY AND ALL duality .. dueling minds .. I SOOOOOOW Appreciate YOU doing your part to Bring TRUTH aka PURE LOVE … TO THE LIGHT. I AM THAT LIGHT and SOOOO ARE EACH OF US IN TRUTH. LET’S DO our part to THE TRULY NEW WORLD OF GOODNESS.

Love always wins for it is the ALL that IS.