The Scientism Slight Of Hand with Matt Presti

I have always been taken by Walter Russell’s work and had the pleasure of interviewing Matt Presti several years back. It is wonderful to listen to his articulate description of the nature of our Universe. Dr. Barre Lando is a favorite too who adds a harmonic to this wonderful discussion. For those not of scientific mind, you don’t need to be since truth resonates deeply and we know it when we hear it.

On this episode return guest Matt Presti and the Alfacast crew further dissect the nature of our reality from the perspective of luminary Walter Russell, the most famous man you’ve never heard of.  Matt’s brilliant documentary, Dispelling Dimensional Madness, makes the strong case that reality is NOT a dimension. Rather, it HAS dimension. This treatise was created to take down the “belief” in higher dimensions. The fraud of the age fueled by gnosticism, mythematics, new-age scientism and unthinking adherents to this cult of fiction are summarily deposed in this most enlightening presentation.

— “You cannot THINK how to KNOW.  You cannot ACT how to THINK.  But you can KNOW how to THINK & ACT.”  – Matt Presti Matt

Presti is a renown Metascientist, Musician, Patriot, Philosopher, Poet, Practitioner of Universal Law, Natural Science and Living Philosophy, Audio and Video Producer, Broadcaster, and Host of The Exploration of Consciousness (TEC).  Former Director of Operations and President of The University of Science and Philosophy (formerly the Walter Russell Foundation) January 1st,2015-August 10th, 2021.  Currently CEO of Universal Power, LLC.  Volunteer firefighter on Montauk Rural Fire Department in Dent County, Missouri and Rockfish Valley Volunteer Fire Department in Nelson County, VA. Walter Russell put the CREATOR back into CREATION Strap in as we challenge the foundational gatekeeper mythology, and further expose the religious zealotry now operating under the guise of Science.

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