Cristian and Christine | Rambling

Cristian and Christine decided to record another video speaking with each other. We explore the life of Alan Watts and confronting death. Cristian has always had a way of asking me good questions that tend to bring up a deeper exploration of the purpose, meaning, and reason behind why we are incarnated in this realm.

We touch on Naomi Wolf’s writing; Have the Ancient Gods Returned? with our own perceptions of the old gods and the naming of God in general.

We also speak about Russia, the war with Ukraine and question who is Putin in this cultural/spiritual war. We both recognize that there is war on Christianity and why it is important to know this and the reasons this is being promoted.

May our words serve in the Truth that emanates from Spirit.



For those who like our video, here is the link to our first-ever-recorded conversation:

Cristian and Christine | Free Flowing

Cristian and Christine have an enduring friendship so during one of our regular calls we decided to record—feeling that our sharing gives voice to thoughts not often expressed on the internet. We communicate through the heart, the place where all is connected by the emanation of love.

Cristian is a native to Romania where he resides, this gives him a world perspective different from mine having lived in heartland of Mexico for most of my life. We are not only separated geographically but also by several generations, which tends to add depth to our conversations.

In this free flowing conversation we share our perceptions on dealing with dark entities, how to maintain the body’s energy field in balance, and the force of love as the anecdote to demonic incursions.

As there has been much speculation about what happens after death and how to free ourselves from the matrix of lies so we flowed into some deeper waters on this subject.

May you enjoy our musings as much as we enjoy sharing them.