Inner Gold – Alchemy and Psychology | Eternalised

Alchemy occupies a unique place in the collective psyche of humankind. Swiss psychiatrist and psychologist Jung discovered alchemy and devoted the remaining 30 years of his life to studying it, which he practically dug up from the dunghill of the past, for it was considered pseudoscience, a forgotten relic of history and despised field of investigation which he had suddenly revived. Alchemy allows one to achieve wholeness through a reconnection with the unconscious. For Jung, the task of alchemy was and has always been psychological. The end product is not material in nature, but rather spiritual. Alchemy is the art of expanding consciousness, of self-realisation.

Eternalised on YouTube is a good channel to view when one becomes worn down from the undeviating cycle of disastrous news and the overloaded human psyche revealing its shadow. I can’t stress enough how important it is to Become non-reactive and pull all energetic consent out of this relentless narrative of doom and destruction—for we, as pure Consciousness have within us the ability to rewrite the field.

While I can only speak for myself, I am far from alone in knowing this; it’s not about saving the world as we thought we once knew it—what presents to each individual is an opportunity to let go and flow with the Absolute. For those who have been broken down to their essence, for those who have risen from the ashes will recognize that we have within us an emanation of golden light that permeates all matter. This time it isn’t about our personal desires, manifesting an intent, glorifying or coercing another—it is the time of Becoming the Pure Being that you were created to be.

Be humbled by those who came before us, those who broke free of the materialistic descent and left lights along the pathway to self realization.