Tao Te Ching | Read by Wayne Dyer

The Tao Te Ching (pronounced Dao De Jing) was a book of wisdom written for kings by a sage named Lao-Tzu, circa 500BC China. Much like the book of Proverbs found in the Biblical canon, the truths found in the Tao Te Ching are universal and timeless. But it’s not just the east which was, and still is influenced by this great work. The Tao Te Ching resonates deeply with many of the Christian mystics as well, from antiquity to modern times. The Tao is not a religion. Its literal translation is The Way. A way of seeing, a way of being. In the Chinese translation of the New Testament, when Christ refers to “The Way,” their word for it is The Tao. “Ritual and religion is the husk of true faith.” These are one of the proverbs found in the book. So regardless of your religious background, or whether you believe in God or not, you will still find wonderful truths about life put into the simplest of words. Truths about leadership, patience, love and creativity. So share this link with those you love. It is a gift to the world, and we are lucky to be living in a time like this where such things can be shared. The world needs healing. The healing begins with the metanoia–the transformation of the mind.

You don’t need to start with the beginning. You can literally play this from any point in the video and still gain something. I have a special liking for the second half which covers leadership and governance.

I claim no rights to the content in this audio reading. This video is not being monetized. It is a gift to you. I put this together only because I found NO OTHER source on YouTube that has put this Wayne Dyer reading to Binaural Beats and nature sounds, and I felt like we really needed this version. Listen before bed. Listen in the morning. Listen when you just need to slow down and gather your thoughts before making an important decision. I must have listened to this at least 10 dozen times.

Artwork is by Johnny Ganta made exclusively for this video. You can find his work on Instagram IG @studioganta https://www.Instagram.com/studioganta/ 🙌