Moon Meanderings | Cristian and Christine

When Cristian and Christine get together to talk, we simply open up and explore where our sharing might lead us. As is often the case, we play point-counter point feeling our way through a subject. Our previous video ended with Cristian wanting to know more about who took the moon as Christine related an inner message that she had been told to “take the moon back.” As is most often the case when attempting to verbalize a highly subjective reality, much is lost in translation.

We also ended up talking about the culture of war that has been predominant in human history. Our discussion revolves around the lessons, perhaps even the necessity that humans experience this in order to grow.

We would love to hear what others think, feel, and perceive, for by communicating freely we expand. Our quiet forum is a good place to share without censorship.…

When the mind goes silent, a state of being that many call flow will direct the actions of the body. Interspersed in our little talk are snippets from a video of Wayne Dyer reading the Tao De Ching which produced in me a profound flow state for several days. Following is an attempt to describe this, for many are frightened of letting go of the mind’s dominant demands for attention. Close observation of one’s thoughts will quickly determine that they are either projecting into the future; tasks to be accomplished, worries of outcome, and hopes for future dreams or remain locked in the past; outcomes perceived as failures, someone who hurt you, and nostalgia for what no longer is. Never has there been a more opportune time for human beings everywhere to detach from these mind programs, for upon us all is an ultimate test of Spirit.

What I found while flowing with the Whole (Holy) was the interconnectedness of all things—my mind only interspersed itself with thoughts that rose as a quiet nudge of something to be accomplished; there was no struggle, no sense of resistance or hurry—everything i touched or did was part of this flow. Many people who practice mindfulness or meditation are able to quiet the inner discourse for periods of time, though once they unwrap themselves from their seated position will go right back to duality and the personality’s demands. To Be in flow is completely freeing; you find that you are neither bad nor good, and as you move, everything is moving with you. Driving down the highway becomes like guiding a craft on a river—birds soar overhead as clouds drift by caught in the morning wind.

You see, friends, while we scour the internet, talk to friends, fill ourselves with the dreaded news of what is to come, there is an ever present movement inside of us that will guide us home to peace. It accepts what presents in the moment, accepts the feelings that arise, often with an inner smile, rejoices at something so subtly beautiful that few find it.

This has been known by Sages throughout the ages, by those willing to shed (and continuously shed) giving importance to the outer trappings of material life. This has been discovered by deep thinkers, those who intrepidly plunged into the subconscious realms of the shadow to discover that in the dark they found true power. We have been indoctrinated to view the dark as evil, scary, and forbidden territory, it is no wonder that most will flee from this place holding the full potential of the unknown. Whether by diligent choice or events in life entering the dark realms is the key to freedom.

In the second part of our talk, which wasn’t recorded Cristian and I spoke of the impact on the whole when one or more human beings truly go free. We spoke of the true potentiality of The Way as taught by Yeshua, we pondered on how many humans have truly discovered the keys he shared with humanity. It is the Way of Love of which he spoke. While these are but words on a page, they are meant to inspire others to keep their feet on the path.

As we spoke, it came up that perhaps as the human collective consciousness we are approaching zero source point and others will soon join the crescendo of song . Everywhere I look, my perception says this is true, the outer screen world is quickly decaying now, as it must. For it is out of the ashes that the new can arise. The question for each human being is, will we recreate the old patterns that have circulated through eons of cycles, or are we prepared to fully embrace the unknown? Perhaps it won’t take all of us, perhaps it is enough that those who came here to do The Work will complete it.

Reflecting now on “taking back the moon” it becomes clear that the moon projects back to reality on earth the collective unconscious. What one doesn’t make conscious within themselves will be played out on the earth stage, Carl Jung knew this.

Ending with one note of caution, for many are locked into a view that life here within the Earth realm is diabolical in nature, they look for an escape hatch to elsewhere. What if elsewhere is inside each of us to discover; perhaps after all this is an epic story allowing us to explore the totality of existence and thereby truly become whole. Perhaps.