Walk in the Woods | Cristian and Christine

Cristian and Christine sit together a few Sundays a month to talk and share perceptions. We invite friends to take a stroll with us along the long and winding road home. While so many channels and podcasts rehash the news cycle, our preference is to walk outside the screen world of ever increasing convoluted propaganda and gaslighting.

Real human Beings in a falsified world is still rare, though we intuit that there is a rising consciousness in many. Let’s pixilate the fuck out of the screen projected reality and help more people see the obvious fakery.

We met online sometime in 2013 (if I remember correctly), hard to believe that it was decade ago already, we discovered a strong energetic connection that truly defied the “normal” course of human affairs. We’ve spent time together in both Romania and Mexico finding great joy in sharing part of our journey together. Often we would and still do, ponder life in communion and silence, when speaking, our words are but placeholders inviting others to delve deeper into life’s great paradoxes.

Our conversation continued for almost two hours after I stopped recording, we touched on some very deep realities involving demons and entities so perhaps we will pick that theme up when we next speak. When love breaks the human open, one will connect with the Christic—The All Love of Creator and the husk of personal identities begin to fall away, this we share.