The Burning Waters | AEWAR

I have been patiently waiting for something new and outside the worn out narrative repeating ad nauseam. Feeling gratitude for this video presentation, exactly what my insatiable curiosity needed to seek further. A brief anecdote from two nights ago, I live out in the country and sun gaze at sunset almost every evening, the electricity in the whole valley had gone out. The quietude was so profound, like a switch had turned off some background interference, it is difficult to describe the near mystical experience of the beauty all around me connected inside this vessel, deep gratitude for the Spirit in All Things. All my life I have had an aversion to electric light and seek the stillness of a dark starlit night.

I have heard the book, The Invisible Rainbow – A History of Electricity mentioned several times but never looked into it. A woman commented that I might be interested in reading it so I downloaded a copy.

AEWAR certainly is an outside the narrative thinker.

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