Viruses, Hitler, Space Aliens, Lucifer, and the Shape of Our Realm | What’s Love Got to Do With It?

After completing this piece of writing I thought it best to start with my reasons for choosing these varied subjects. It’s relatively simple, we live in a construct of straight-up lies—these falsehoods have formed the foundation of the reality we are living in. While most people will never see their way out of the matrix, others are awake enough to recognize the agenda has always been the hacking of human consciousness to exert control over us and continue to siphon our energy to create the chains in which they wish to bind us forever. I chose these subjects since they represent forbidden and misunderstood ones, they tend to provoke strong reactions. When we have a strong emotional reaction, it is a good place to dig deeper inside to discover why this is so. Constant inner inquiry is where we will find the final door to get off the hamster wheel of repeating “civilizations”—future, present, and past.

And what’s love got to do with it? Love isn’t weak, nor does it succumb to evil; it is the most ruthless unconquerable force that permeates the totality of creation, always present, yet very few know it. It is a fire that once lit within burns eternal and endures all things. It does not seek outside itself to blame another. Concurrent with love comes an inner sense of peace—do not confuse this with complacency, for it is super power—it sees and yet remains unperturbed; it becomes an unconquerable sanctuary. This is what the enemy fears, that enough human beings become super stars of consciousness blazing the holy light through the whole of Creation, for, as trite as it sounds, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

There are five subjects, that when I bring them up, cause many people’s eyes to glaze over. Time for me to dive right in, mostly to ask questions in the interest of hearing what conclusions, if any, others have come to. I am also writing for myself, an attempt to sort out the wheat from the chaff, with so much information it is easy to find oneself losing coherency. I would say this is the main reason people resist information that goes against long-held beliefs, it tends to send one into a vortex of internal chaos—what could be called the void.

Having just come out of such a period of readjustment, I find that writing out thoughts helps clarify what remains. Though I must say that a predominant feeling is, that to become truly integrated, one encounters the paradoxical act of letting go of everything. In this I am not just referring to long-held paradigm-making beliefs, I am referring to a process which can be summed up as, once having broken out of the chains of indoctrinated beliefs, once having looked into the depths of ancient history, esoteric knowledge, shadow psychology, coupled with a an ongoing and thorough review of one’s experiences, I’ve realized that for something truly new to be born, we are charged with crystallizing these lessons so that we do not need to repeat them as individuals. It is quite likely in doing so the collective will be influenced in ways we have yet to imagine. We’ve been caught in time looping, a repeating cycle of what is remembered and recorded, maybe we can finally graduate to another state of existence. I have long since become comfortable enough to realize that when I am experiencing disorientation, it is indicative of something new wanting to present. There is beauty in life when Spirit becomes your anchor. Spirit, the eternal guide within that once kindled does not go out. 

I was raised to be a competitive young woman, debates and physical completion were a big part of my home life. This was by no means negative; it instilled in my character a never give up, take your punches and get back up determination. As I matured, I became aware of possessing an acute intellect that could quickly pick out false arguments in others and counter by a rather ruthless, though good-natured use of logic. It didn’t help that many years ago, while seeing a psychologist, I was told that I was almost always right, he even went so far to say that I should probably be analyzing him. This need to be right is like everything else, it’s fine when turned inward searching for the truth of being, and it’s totally off balance when it is used to fortify the persona who has something to prove. This walk is a very narrow path and takes personal courage and the willingness to actively listen to others who express a reality different from yours. 

Only over the last year have I been able to jettison judgement of another and at the same time not throw out discernment. So I will present a few subjects that trigger antagonistic or reactionary responses in many. For most are in battle mode, defending what is, quite frankly, based on a well wrought spell, the indoctrinated lie. Falsehoods have become the foundation of most people’s reality, so much so that it is virtually impossible for them to see outside them. In these instances there really is no point in debating, perhaps the Socratic school of public debate has met its demise. By saying this, my intent is not to convince anyone that what I present is “the truth”, it is to suggest that by listening to each other and asking open questions, a way may appear to help us find a foundational truth together.

The first two subjects are ones on which loads of documentation are on; books, videos, treatise, blogs, newspaper clippings and historical records that can easily be found if one cares to look. Therefore they are not a matter of personal perception, ie: an interpretation given to the unseen and subjective realms.

The Contagion Myth and No Virus Debate

The first subject is the debate currently raging around there is no-such-thing-as-a-virus and the fact that contagion has never been proven. While I say currently raging, it has in fact been debated from the inception of what is often referred to as Rockefeller medicine. Easily found are the facts that at the turn of century when energy medicine, the mind-body connection, the interconnectedness of all life via the Aether was being researched, along with the development of ground-breaking benevolent technologies. The dark forces moved in—ruining lives by incarceration, even murder, raiding laboratories and destroying any evidence that this creation has given us all we need to be healthy and live free abundant lives. 

Having lived most of my life according to an inner divine plan, “germs” have never scared me. I recall telling my biochemist husband that I didn’t believe in germs, he stared at me with an incredulous look and was speechless; this statement was too far out of his extensive training in laboratories and research facilities, he simply couldn’t fit it into his reality. When people back away saying they don’t want me to catch their cold, I usually laugh and walk right over to hug them. This is an esoteric subject when you get deep enough into the reality of people creating what they believe, but I will leave that for a separate writing. The great indoctrinators have done a good job over the course of decades getting people to be afraid of contagions and thereby each other. For some reason they never mention toxins: poisoned food, GMOs, EMFs, chemical medicine, or any of the other prevalent poisons they spew out unabated. This fear of contagions was diabolically used with the roll out of the plandemic. It has taken me years to come to terms with how well it worked, and even today I look back over the last three years feeling that they were totally surreal. 

We have more nonsense to deal with ahead, and that is why I encourage people to listen to the good physicians (Baileys, Cowan, Kaufman and Vollmer to name a few) who have done the hard homework of reading and thereby dismantling the lauded studies of virologists. There are many open questions, and those who have done the research clearly say they don’t have answers to all of them but they are standing on the edge of a whole new paradigm. For myself, I find it exciting—a mixture of ancient knowledge and new findings where technology can be used benevolently. 

My questions are: what if there truly are no contagions? What if our bodies are living miracles and we can reinstate this knowledge? What if we can stop being afraid of life itself?

Revisionist History on WWII and Adolf Hitler

The second subject is the holocaust and the beliefs surrounding WWII and Adolf Hitler. This narrative has become one of the most sanctified versions of history that none dare question—or risk the wrath of those that control most governments, media, and intelligence agencies. As anyone who reads our forum knows, there is a long thread where the conversation sometimes got heated. This thread also caused many active members to stop posting. 

It is a truism that the victors write the history, this can not be debunked, as it is such a blatantly obvious and logical truth. We can see this happening in real time via the internet, word meanings are changed and inverted, classical books are being removed from libraries, search engines only give curated responses, schools are obvious indoctrination camps, etc. 

Surprisingly, when this topic comes up in a conversation, it is better received than it once was. Another surprise has been that many people know the holocaust was a lie and are happy to find someone to talk about it with. Most are still hesitant to mention this subject in civil society, a few have dared to do so and they have been surprised by others who will open up. That said, there are few and far between who won’t get triggered or who secretly hang on to this historical lie because it’s too uncomfortable not to. 

I would like to ask the following: who sees the parallels of what is happening on the world stage today? Who has dared to wonder and speculate what the world would be like if Germany had achieved the peace and national sovereignty they campaigned for to no avail? 

Since this is a synopsis of subjects and my intent is not to make argument for but perhaps jog some curiosity and courage to search where prohibited to look. And whatever conclusion you come to about Adolf Hitler, ask yourself what it serves to project so much hate onto one man and not daring to turn around to see how this was manufactured?

Flat Earth, Infinite Plane, or Spinning Ball

The third is the shape of our realm, just say the Earth is flat or possibly an infinite plane, you will find there is usually a strong reaction. Reactions vary from angry rejection, to mocking or belittling comments, to nervous laughter, or to flights of fantasy—the pull of far-away nebulae, imaginings of trillions of galaxies and getting off the world in a spaceship are strong ones. I get it, no one wants a long-held paradigm to shift radically. I am often surprised when some of the most well known people who have dedicated their lives to revealing the lies of government will go on a ballistic rant against idiot flat earthers. Many gurus in the love, light, and truth persuasion routinely block people for suggesting the earth is flat. Like, yeah right! The only government agency that doesn’t lie is NASA. I won’t get into this too much here, for it deserves a separate post. However, one of the best places to start dispelling illusions is to investigate the hoax of the Apollo moon landings.

On this subject, much like the no-virus people, the intelligent flat earthers clearly reiterate time and time again that they don’t have the answers to the real or true conformation of the realm. A first step off the spinning-ball-hurling-through-outer-space-at-astronomical-speeds is to, at the very least, return to trusting your own five senses. Sit quietly outdoors and ask yourself, am I sitting in stillness or moving at light speed through the unobservable vacuum of space? Contemplate the observable physics of water that always seeks its level, ask how does this mysterious force called gravity hold water to a ball spinning at 1,000 miles an hour while allowing a feather to float in the breeze? Be curious enough to investigate is all I would ask. What does anyone have to lose by being open to another possibility? The real psy-op I see is people taking sides in an argument and resorting to ad hominem attacks and name calling. Yup, that divide-and-conquer agenda still works really well, doesn’t it?

Having spent several years listening to many proofs that the earth (the physical plane) is flat, I allowed enough time for my perception to shift, allowed the unknown entrance into my psyche. In one moment I had a lucid realization, while sitting quietly observing the sun: without a single doubt I knew that the sun was local and not 93 million miles away. In that same moment I became the stillness and knew that the earth was not spinning. Inner tears of release rose to my eyes, which for me, have become a sure sign some truth has been seen. I continue to research, for I also sense that there is much more to be perceived. 

The first step to a more enduring and true comprehension requires the letting go of the lie, if with honest effort and enough time you remain convinced that the scientists have the answers so be it. You know, Trust the Science™ crosses all disciplines.

Disclosure and Space Aliens

The fourth is space aliens and the whole disclosure movement. Many out there have been salivating for years that Disclosure was inevitable. They are diving head first into the testimony of whistleblowers and governments letting out information. This is a difficult one to navigate. Who here, those who will read these words, hasn’t—?

  1. Had experiences with seeming other worldly entities or encountered such in astral travel? 
  2. Listened to Dolores Cannon or read her books?
  3. Followed George Green (Handbook for a New Paradigm) and heard of the Billy Meier story with the Pleiadians?
  4. Listened to Richard Nolan and other researchers?
  5. Heard personally from people about their abduction experiences?
  6. Believed, for it seems logical, that there has to be life “out there” in the millions and trillions of other galaxies?
  7. Investigated the work of Ingo Swann, Hal Puthoff, and the world of remote viewing and other well researched psychic phenomena?
  8. Wrestled with demons and dark energies?

Perhaps disclosure is an example of a psy-op within a psy-op within a psy-op; for by holding back secrets and yet leaking just enough to keep minds engaged, many have become hooked and will often not look elsewhere for answers. Not to mention that disclosure is a whole industry in the “truther” world. Without doubt people love a good mystery and the opportunity to “out” the liars and cozy up to insiders. It’s heady stuff.

It is commonly accepted that agencies have kept advanced technologies hidden from the public to use them for more nefarious means. I never bought the “humanity isn’t ready for the truth” line either. 

This is a hard one to decipher, for it is overlaid with so much information that one is literally forced to accept some criteria of belief. And making it even more difficult to determine the truth is that much of what we have learned is based on, more often than not, subjective reality. Relying on the perceptions and testimony of whistleblowers, remote viewers, personal accounts, etc. Even having encounters we are still left to piece a story together that may or may not be an enlightened truth.

Let’s do a full stop here for a moment and bring in some other information that is not only well documented but accepted by most in the disclosure fields of investigation. 

We have falsely claimed “whistleblower” testimonies like that of Corey Goode. From my perceptions and conclusions after knowing Corey, watching the pedestal building of his story, then his take down and the heated reactions to this drama, I have concluded and stated publicly that Corey was a mind control victim. He took screen memories, and thousands of hours of internet research and then turned this into a full blown fantasy. A lot of people do this on many levels. Pause long enough to consider that any testimonial out there isn’t constructed in much the same manner. Not to mention the agents who have been placed to mislead public opinion, not to mention the huge gap in what we actually know, not to mention the galactic federation of light, the thousands of channelers (whom are they channeling for a few shekels and notoriety?). It’s like history, everyone has a story and does their best to back it up with data, but what data can we trust in today’s digital reality?

Now, I don’t doubt there are other bipedal species within range of our consciousness, I don’t doubt that we are living in a multi-dimensional reality that we have limited access to, I don’t doubt that there is bleed through at times, I don’t doubt that certain military ops have access to very advanced technologies, I don’t doubt that many people have truly anomalous experiences. And most importantly I don’t doubt that we really don’t know the extent nor the true nature of our reality. Since this is the subject du jour I’ve recently listened to half a dozen interviews. The one who speaks a language I relate to is Tom Montalk. For those interested here is his latest interview with David Whitehead:

One thing I do know, that whatever is being leaked out to the public is far removed from the truth and people are gobbling it up like candy.

Lucifer The Light Bearer

While at it, I’ll throw in another twisted and forbidden subject—Lucifer. Realizing as I write this that he remains one of the least understood and most abused of the fallen angels—so mixed up with Satan, it continually surprises me how theologians and devout Bible reading Christians can’t unwind this misconception.

Just as most reporters of global politics are completely taken in by the libelous label of Nazi, never stopping to realize that it was a propaganda term invented by the Zionists who today are committing undeniable horrors—much worse than anything the Third Reich was accused of, one layer of subterfuge well inculcated in the human mind will act as a monolith which few can see through. Same technique has been used with Lucifer, it’s those damn Luciferians who are controlling the world, right? Take one step into the Bible, and it’s easy to see that Lucifer is not Satan and as is written: “Those who say they are Jews but are not, they are the synagogue of Satan.” 

You may ask, why is this important? For myself this being, this fallen angel, has played amply in my psyche—from full blown visions, to viewing sessions of the Vatican. I have shared this with a few friends over many years though never been inclined to write about it, for it is a personal perception that at best may open another to ask questions about what they have been told. 

What and who is Lucifer? We are told he is the Morning Star and the Light Bearer. We are told he fell from heaven. For me it goes deeper, during my time in a small sect called the Mandato I was told he was once our cosmic regent. One of my first waking visions was of being consciously free in the heavens, moving around in unabated joy, knowing no fear for it hadn’t been felt yet. I heard a sound, a sundering apart thunder that shook the whole expanse of cosmos and then… the fall. In falling I knew fear for the first time, in falling I looked around to see what and who caused this, in falling I realized we would look for some one to blame it on. Having followed the light of Lucifer, so enamored of this freedom and the brightness I descended with him, and in doing so realized that multitudes of other beings were falling with me. Perhaps this is why I am here, perhaps this is my path of redemption, perhaps like Yeshua, the Christos, by rising again the multitudes can be unchained from this unholy matrix overlay.

Many years later I was projected into the underground chambers of the Vatican, after passing through many large iron gates in the dank passage ways I came to this great being in chains, huddled over in immense sorrow. With an overwhelming feeling of love I embraced his energy and much to my surprise I saw a pure white fountain of light shoot upward, free and joyous. I followed it in my vision until I could not see the distance any longer. Coming back to my body I sobbed and was shaken to my core. It was only on reflection that I realized this was Lucifer, whose undeniable and powerful energy had been chained for the use of a few. Those few black magicians, adepts in the dark arts, had understood and taken this light energy to be used to control humanity. Their hubris has grown so large now that they are sure to fail, for fail they will—it is written.

There is another piece to this story, it is but a personal interpretation—I no longer feel any need to hold back. When the heavens shook, when the thundering was heard it was the sound of the opening of a great rift in Creation… Earth, Luminaries, the Waters above were being violated from some terrible force. Perhaps my heart is too impetuous, perhaps this is just something I want to believe, but I haven’t been able to shake the knowing for many long years—it is this, Lucifer sacrificed his Light into matter, he fell to mend the great rift that was created. And in his fall the luminary Venus was created in the cosmos of heaven. She was placed above the earth in the firmament, she as Love. We were then able to see the great sun, Helios, blazing in the sky when previously we could not. This is a story if you will, and contained within it are some truths, universal ones and guide posts for those who can see.

There is something I will add for consideration before I conclude this tale, as human beings, we are truly myopic to our own form, to our sense of self importance. We so often see this epic journey being solely about our evolution. Stop for a moment to ponder, that the Luminaries, the great Beings of Light, suns, stars and the very earth beneath our feet are also in a process of evolution. Stop to consider that no Being conscious of its beingness (separate self) no matter how great or expanded is completely free from committing error, having poor judgement, being tricked, or other missteps. For to be blinded by the Light is real, just as to be sunk in the pit of darkness is real. This for me is the lesson of Lucifer, a being that now knows both sides. Can we learn from him instead of blaming him unjustly for what we ourselves do?

We’ve moved through eons of time, through many forms, our earth creation was once so distinctly different that very few can even imagine what it was like to walk here before. We’ve forgotten, whether by design, or necessity, or by beliefs in false gods thereby succumbing to lies. This journey remains one of self-disclosure, for the individual to discover on their own. This is why I write about these topics, this is why I ask questions for as long as we live in a matrix of falsehoods, mistaken for truth, we will find ourselves repeating the lessons over and over. For once, as one I feel we must courageously choose to empty our minds in order to receive the blessings being showered upon us like a soft golden rain that seeks only to wash us clean, to remind us of eternal life, of the Great Spirit in all things, the place we can call home. To do so requires accepting total responsibility for each and every thought, it requires knowing thyself and thy Creator. 

We had to make many mistakes along the way, to become humble enough to surrender to the Will that proceeded all wills, this is the way, the Tao. There is a gift in not being right, not knowing, and surrendering.

“They fear love because it creates a world they can’t control.” — George Orwell, in his book 1984.

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