Evil Nazis or Evil Zionists | Are You Confused?

Too few people are sufficiently educated in forbidden and hidden history, so they become easily confused by the present tangle of lies within lies, encapsulated in more crusty lies. 

Nothing that was said during the Putin interview with Tucker Carlson was surprising or new for those of us who have dug through the swirling muck of ideologies and political rhetoric. The treacherous moves of NATO closer to the Russian border is well documented. While everyone with a media voice is expressing opinions on this interview I prefer to put it aside and get to the nugget of truth behind posturing world leaders, specifically Putin’s massive misdirect to denazification, and glaringly nothing was said about Israel’s ongoing genocide of the Palestinians nor the Jewish-Zionist ideologies that drive this blood lust. 

I am not a political writer nor geopolitical analyst, though to comprehend and identify the common enemy of humanity, it has been necessary to wade through the swamp to more fully comprehend the creatures that are waging all-out war on the very Spirit of human beings.

What the narrative writers depend on is the short term memory of the masses. A generation fed short clips off of TikTok and Instagram have little capacity to see the broader scope of history. Every thing becomes the “next thing”, dots and blips on the screen that are not connected to the epic human story. The media controllers know this, so flood the virtual airways with a confusing deluge of contradictory messages and misdirects. Not to mention the ability to create ideological bot armies and use deep fakes to promote their message… Noting this for awareness. 

Writing a coherent piece on the use of the labels Nazi and Zionist requires a cohesive summation. The most useful propaganda tool is to proliferate division and confusion and no where have they done this better than with these two, now, interchangeable labels. The evil Nazi’s narrative has been so thoroughly inculcated in the human zeitgeist that to question it leaves one standing against a torrent of derision. While I have grown to admire the spirit of nationalism and the fatherly protector of Germania who was Adolf Hitler, I am equally aware that our world’s nations have become fractured, as clearly they are with the flood of immigrants across European borders and into the great melting pot of America, thereby making it impossible to give birth to Nationalism as a viable return to order. 

Where did the term NAZI come from? The term Nazi was reported to be coined in1920 by Jewish Marxist Konrad Heiden as a means of belittling the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP). Heiden whose mother was Jewish, was a journalist and member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (NSDP). The term Nazi is an imitation the nickname given to NSDP at the time, Sozi, which was a political pun similar to the Austro-Bavarian word for simpleton. Nazi was subsequently popularized abroad by various Jews and other communist subversives, including Heiden himself before Adolf Hitler ever came to power.

Squaring Circular Logic
  1. Ukraine is currently “lead” by a Jewish cocaine addicted homosexual named Volodymyr Zelensky. Of course he was selected for this role, being apropos given that he was an actor in a television sitcom in which he portrayed the president of Ukraine. I won’t go over the 2014 Maidan coup d’état that was created by the CIA and Victoria Nuland (Jewish descent) to make way for this power grab, this is well documented elsewhere.
  2. We are also sold the story of the Azov battalion—far-right neo-nazis as the evil army of the clearly Zionist-Jewish government? In addition much emphasis is given to  Ukraine’s national hero, Banderas as an evil Nazi. Does this make sense or are these movements being purposely used to divert one’s attention from the obvious Jewish led Zionism movement toward world control. Trying to paint the war in Ukraine as Nazi is like trying to paint China as a liberty loving democracy. 
  3. The purpose of this war is to grind Ukraine into oblivion killing a whole generation of Slavic white males. It has absolutely nothing to do with Nazi or national allegiance. 
  4. Ukraine and Russia share a common ethnicity, in other words they are natural allies. Of course the war-mongering Western alliances, directed from the depths of hell, could not let these two behemoths unite. 
  5. In the current paradigm we also must not allow ourselves to see Russia as savior. Putin is a player, albeit an astute one, on the chessboard of moving pieces. While he appears to be a Russian Nationalist and Eastern Orthodox Christian, his moves during the Con-vid plandemic were clearly in lockstep with the dictates of the WEF, WHO, and other NWO groups. My personal stance is to watch his moves carefully, can’t hurt learning from a competent strategist’s moves.
  6. Around and around the narrative spins, tighter they weave the web, the goal to leave no viable means to extract oneself from the encroaching technological revolution. Anyone sufficiently educated should by now know that all revolutions were fomented by the same Jewish cabal. The plans were laid generations ago and so for most people sink into the land of oblivion as irrelevant. 
  7. While I am purposely using Jewish-Zionism, there are of course, the infiltrated Free Masons, the Jesuits (working unseen for the most part), and many other secret societies working in tandem. Truly, if one looks, the dark tentacles have a strangle hold on almost all governments, corporations, religious, and world institutions.
  8. Other deep state swamp actors: Donald Trump, Javier Milei, Elon Musk, and a plethora of wall kissers are not acting from their divine volition, they are bought and paid-for shills. They are placed on the stage as a distraction, meanwhile the plans for world domination move forward at an increasing clip. 
  9. Oh, how the Western press loves to call DJT a Nazi, carefully ignoring that he works solely for Israel. Nominated as Israel’s greatest ally how can one not see through the charade? Even the most astute commentators from the so called “truth movement” literally fail to see through this twisted lie, they remain indoctrinated into the evil Nazi propaganda. 
  10. Are there any mighty heroes left in the world, any single human of honor and character that can stand up to this prevailing movement toward world domination? We’ve seen what happened to Gaddafi in Libya when he tried to extract his country of the grips of the global banking cartel. I know there are many more examples, too numerous for this short piece. 
  11. The pursuit of truth is not only necessary, it is essential to find a real and enduring road to freedom. It will upset the status quo of your thinking and beliefs. It might even take you through the halls of despair. However it is the only path forward, for war is being waged on your very soul. 
Solutions Don’t Come Easily but Are Simple

While looking behind the curtain of deceit I found a great fondness for Adolf Hitler. During my years of reassessing what we had been sold about this great man, I was also aware of the necessity to see him painted in a purely benevolent light to counteract the vile lies. The propaganda against him, the lies told about him were so monstrous that only by repeatedly viewing the counter story could I finally shed my own indoctrinated beliefs. I will continue to admire his courage and love for his people, though I must admit that tragically he became but a pawn in the war game. This is not said to, in any manner, diminish his noble character, it is said to point out how devious the enemy is. Also to point out that with the ethnic mixing of the world today a figure such as Hitler will not be our answer. 

As honest and honorable people we can admit to ourselves that having a benevolent father-like figure leading a country to national sovereignty and prosperity would be welcomed. This is why tools like DJT are so easily fed into the minds of people as the answer. How easy is it to convince yourself that checking a box on a ballot will set you free? Seriously, this is part of one of the biggest lie ever sold to humanity—democracy is better written as demoncracy. Voting is and always was an illusion, used so that people believe it gets them off the hook of self responsibility, the be-a-good-citizen-and-vote psy-op. Writing this, further underlines the point of the indoctrinated child that never grows up.

As human beings we are still relatively childlike; indeed this quality must be cherished and protected by the adult we should be by now. This child character is easily swayed by cultural indoctrination and societal norms. Sadly, any society that was once noble and character building has been decimated by war and destruction.

It is time we grow up for the world does not have a savior to offer us. While some claim salvation through the return of Jesus as Savior, they fail to recognize that, for the most part, Christianity has been co-opted into the Zionist fold. Look at the likes of John Hagee and his ministry to confirm how corrupt the Christian church has become. I wouldn’t point this out if it were a one-off; sadly the evangelical movement has become the predominant Zionist voice in America. The sheep are pulled into the fold of deception so easily. To recognize the Christ light within and cultivate this light again entails personal responsibility in word and deed.

Most Christians proclaim Biblical Revelations as prophecy and thereby commit their energy to creating this as reality. Look at how the Zionist and their cohorts are purposely and destructively using prophecy to create an evil inversion of all that is good and pure. I do not wish to slur my Christian or Jewish friends, I see them acting in caring and honorable ways so love them as they support the regeneration of humankind and the opening of the human heart. My commentary is made for those who have yet to see that the Christ configuration is eternal, has been with humans since the beginning of our creation story. So many turn a blind eye to what Jesus, as The Christ, continuously stated — the power of redemption is within. 

Or as the old world seers have said: The path out of this labyrinth is through the gates of hell. For only when tempted by all the demons and refusing their offers will the soul find its unique path to freedom. Most don’t see that they are still within the grips of personal worldly desires that will continue to lead them astray. I don’t say this with judgement but with compassion, for we, as souls, are not equally aware or equipped to confront great evil. 

United we stand, divided we fall, how many actually contemplate this? If we are divided within we can not unite with the All of Creation and it becomes impossible to unite with others. The narrow path is wide open for individual redemption. Gratefully as consciousness expands across the realm, there are more people truly awakening. They speak different languages, they promote and disclose individual truths, they are recognized by the heart and to the heart be true.

Faust, the Ninth Symphony, and the will of Adolf Hitler are eternal youth and know neither time nor transience.
—Baldur von Schirach

As difficult as it is to fully capture how much the German people loved Adolf Hitler, it was so.