Anarchapulco Live – Marjory Wildcraft, Andrew Kaufman, David Avocado Wolfe, Alec Zeck, Mike Winner +

Live from Anarachapulco, Curtis Stone is live with a rotating cast of legendary people.

This livestream is probably one of the best interactive discussions I have heard to date. It’s beautiful to see differing perspectives meld into one direction. The Way-Christos-Stillness, it doesn’t matter what word is used the state of recovering real beingness is beautiful to behold.

They cover biodynamic farming, the Earth’s ability to generate prime water and reseed, great back and forth of the true nature of earth realm and perspective. Giant trees, Rudolf Steiner, Walter and Lao Russell, the Universal One, fasting, herbal remedies, fulfilling purpose, and inversion of the satanic would-be-controllers that are parasitical and the power of simply saying No, I by free will do not obey.