Our Work

Two white flowers on water“And still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth,
“You owe me.” Look what happens with love like that.
It lights up the sky.” 


In the Work we do, we are the BEcoming, the expansion that is eternal and infinite. Earth Empaths is the co-creation of a group of women who discovered each other and in doing so uncovered and partook of an amazing simple Truth.

By holding each other in a state of awareness with no judgement, no condemnation .. simply loving each other passionately and compassionately we Began to experience miracles. Deep in the heart of every human Being is a longing, a remembering and when we come together in love new horizons and potentialities open. All it took was trusting each other and holding a sacred safe place.

This occurred on line, not in our daily lives. We Became aware of the separation and solitary confinement that has been imposed on so many of us, we agreed without words to take down those barriers and trust each other.

Over a period of a year we heard a call, a new voice of wisdom started to speak through us and we joyfully moved into the field of healing together. Gaia took us into her bosom and rejoiced with us as the life forms on the planet re-cog-nized and responded to us, in our return to Love.

Miracles appeared before us, sometimes hours are spent together helping balance the energy of our beloved earth, resonating at a vibratory level that has taken us deep into the unseen and far into the Cosmos. We began to comprehend resonant fields, perceivers of our self and our Real relationship to life. Homeopathically we are aware that in some manner we are the immune response, the white blood cells of our Divine Mother.

What we exclaimed each time we met was how aware we were that while serving other we were indeed healing ourselves. Challenges presented in our three dimensional lives and by overcoming these challenges we met ourselves again, more expanded, more sovereign, more joyful, more loving, more compassionate… There is no other, there is no service to other without Being in service to Self.

Entering the fractal realms one BE comes the All.

This miracle is REAL-I-TY and is our RE-SPONS-I-ABLITY.

The path is through the Self Embodied, not outside somewhere undefined. Our body temple is our home.