The Child Within

I beheld you in a vision this morning, we were floating on a piece of earth in a dark sky, at first I could barely see you, as you had shrunk so tiny. Then a small child in a blue dress was visible, I held her hand.

We knelt down and tended to the shoot of a tender plant, loosening the soil around its base, there emerged a small flower.

I looked up and there was a huge dark shadow behind the little child, it writhed in the sky obscuring the stars we knew where there. I invited the child to sit with me in my lap, she did and we looked up together.

The dark shape held for sometime and then by some miracle force it began to dissolve and the brightness of the night sky revealed, the stars twinkled so close we could touch them.

I hold nothing back and the flow of all that ever was and will be ran through me, the clear waters of love, the tithing of ages flowing eternally into the next moment …