“They are Coming for You!”

That was the headline of a panic-stricken plea by pro-choice activists regarding the latest fear-mongering operation by “the powers that be” with regard to compulsory vaccination.

What exactly are the mechanics behind moves such as making vaccination compulsory, home schooling illegal, the questioning of governments’ actions a mental disorder?

Imagine, if you will, that instead of chocolate being your favourite food or beer being your favourite beverage, your choice intake is fear. That is, fear produced by others, not your own. Unfortunately, by the time you’ve developed a taste for it, you realise you can’t make do without it. You need it like a heroin addict needs his next shot.

And just like a drug addict, you become very creative in procuring what you perceive as a desperate need. As Natural Law has it, you meet others in the same situation, with the same genius of false creativity. After a while, you all realise that there has to be an easier way to procure what you want, and you find that spreading fear amongst masses feeds you a lot better than just inducing fear in a single being.

Being on this rather negative path, ethics fly out the window, and you don’t even miss them. What’s important is the availability of fear so you can feed any time you like. And, oh, how you like to feed on that. Perhaps a little ritual on the side because let’s face it, nothing beats the taste of the fear of an innocent about to be violated. It’s the platinum of the metal caste, the truffle of the mushroom chain of command, isn’t it?

Your soul dies a little, but you don’t care because you have plenty of fear to feed on, and that’s all that’s important.

You, with your cronies and minions and bosses, come up with one hare-brained scheme after another, all for the purpose of producing more fear. You invent the idea of applying commercial law to every living being on the planet. That way, you have free reign over everyone who consents. You don’t care that this consent isn’t real, since you got there by way of deception and cheating and lying in the first place. You simply p r e s u m e their consent, and all is good in your books. Because you need fear, and your own simply doesn’t taste the same, and it doesn’t matter how you procure it as long as you do. Your stance has become ‘after me, the deluge,’ and you don’t care that your soul is now half dead, and with it, you. As long as you can feed on fear.

Meanwhile, the infinite intelligence that is omnipresent is watching with interest how the human contingent of this particular arm of the galaxy is producing fear like it’s going out of fashion. The infinite intelligence wonders if the fear factor will finally raise humanity to true potential.

The infinite intelligence sighs every now and then, even facepalms when yet another fear strike goes down successfully, and continues to watch, silently and yet oh-so-present encouraging the few who step out of the fear-mongering factory, the ones who have not forgotten the word “No.”

“You’re not a corporation, so you don’t have to follow the regulations or statutes of these governments,” one says. “Oh, really? Can you explain that?” the other asks. “You are a being of flesh and blood, whereas the governments see you as a fiction, a corporate entity? Do you understand? These statutes and regulations are not laws! They don’t apply to you unless you consent to be subjected to them!” the first one says. “Oh! That’s great! I’ll have to research this, but this sounds really interesting!” the other replies. “Yes, do research it! If you search for phrases like ‘law versus statutes’ or ‘strawman’ or ‘legalese vs English’ you’ll come up with a lot of material to read!”

The infinite intelligence shines her light upon the one and the other, knowing that at least some of humanity are on their way to gain knowledge and, with it, understanding and wisdom.

All this government action isn’t about democracy or republic, it isn’t about democrats/labour vs republicans/tory political parties, and it isn’t about humanity’s wellbeing. It’s about control and power, and you need to take your power back by becoming responsible for yourself.

If you don’t want them to walk all over you, get off the ground and stand up. If you don’t want them to fuck with you, don’t let them. Liberate them of their presumption that you are a legal fiction, a corporate entity because you are not! Just because they presume you are dead (=legal fiction) doesn’t mean you are. But you need to inform them if and when the need arises, or else they’ll simply continue their presumption.

Step into your power with the knowledge that you are so much stronger than they are. They’re just bullies with an addiction, and the less you feed them, the less power they have.