The Other Side of Love | When Hate is Positive

Simply reading the word hate will most likely bring up an aversion and displeasure. Please read on …

Morning muse on the word hate brought forth a surprising amount of detail on why so many people are so darn confused and unable to hear and act beyond socially or religiously imposed limits. It ought to be obvious that we live in a very structured duality, so while we are exposing the mechanisms coupled with our hypotheses on the how and why this is so we often overlook the most blaring examples of how we are split.

Nothing can appear more dynamically opposed than Love and Hate yet on closer examination we can actually see that they are the same force and can be utilized for the same goal. I use the word goal loosely to bring a point into stark view. While I speak for myself I also feel that this singular voice is the echo of a collective voice. In the battles we fight to strip away the blanketing cover of deceit and fear many are aware we are engaged at a cosmic level. I am not alone in wanting, wishing, desiring, and working toward a more peaceful coexistence and I too have written and spoken extensively on the force of Love and abiding in eternal peace, attainable within the individual perhaps yet glaringly lacking in the collective experience.

The sages and mystics, the alchemists and magicians, and the battle torn spiritual warriors of this age and ages past all speak of the necessity to integrate dual thinking and implode positive and negatively charged energies within the soul’s container. This process (for lack of a better word) is a continuous one, never ending when it rides the infinite waves of creation. The “I” that “i am” does not live in a vacuum in space, it participates in a connected web of creation whether “i am” aware of this or not.

So while we speak of Love with an ever expanding body of knowledge of what Love is, how it carries us to places of beauty and harmony … This we consider good. On the other hand we are shushed when we speak of hate. Hate we are told is bad.

Lets pause for a moment to look at words; how they hold resonance and what meaning is imparted. Along with this we must realize how a word’s meaning once full and comprehensive is diminished to politically corrected speech which is designed so we don’t question the common superficial usage.

I am assuming I am writing to a reader who recognizes certain dilemmas and paradoxes, viewed both inwardly and outwardly. A reader who is not adverse to wrestling with the greater questions posed on the collective field of our reality. Some one who will not only think for themselves but is not afraid to shred long held assumptions and beliefs.

Many years ago a statement and question was posed to me: What holds the two sides of the coin together? A life long examination of this fundamental question ensued.

For the purposes of my writing I will speak of love and hate being the two sides of the same coin and conscious awareness is what holds these dynamic opposites in a central pole of awareness. To not deny either seems a viable manner in which a singular point of view can be maintained.

Beyond what we see manifesting through the lopsided upside down world of hatred expressed in acts of violence and the deceitful moral justifications for envious debauchery there is another field, we call it Love. However could love be complete without holding within its field what we call hatred? This is not the hatred of envy of another people nor the destruction of the beauty of the natural world, it could be more appropriately assigned to things that bring about a deep rooted sense of aversion, disgust and repugnance. It is of this I speak when writing about hatred.

hate [v]

Old English hatian “regard with extreme ill-will, have a passionate aversion to, treat as an enemy,” from Proto-Germanic *haton (source also of Old Saxon haton, Old Norse hata, German hassen, Gothic hatan “to hate”), from PIE root *kad- “sorrow, hatred” (source also of Avestan sadra- “grief, sorrow, calamity,” Greek kedos “care, trouble, sorrow,” Welsh cas “pain, anger”). Related: Hated; hating. French haine (n.), haïr (v.) are from Germanic.

Note that sorrow, calamity, and grief are encased in this word. There are abundant real life events that provoke undeniably difficult emotions, how do we deal with those moments when one can only surrender to the overbearing emotions of grief and sorrow? The death of someone loved, the destruction of one’s homeland, injustices that appear to have no remedy, even the loss of a cherished belief, and the horror of today’s encroaching tyranny of a total surveillance state established to control your every thought. This grief and sorrow will defeat some and in others it will cause a rising of passion that will strive to correct the course set by the hidden hand’s covertly crafted destruction of all that is humanly good.

The manner in which we individually and collectively confront these challenges is dependent on our valor and the use of our will power to no longer pacifically agree with the stench filled winds of the prevailing status quo. For if you don’t feel aversion, disgust or repugnance at the full cooperation of the media that sells you a fake story, the merchandizing agents promoting a consumer mentality that feeds on an insatiable appetite, the waging of war using your wages, the cult of pedophilia that haunts every hall of governance, the corrupt to the core politicians who make the rules, the humanitarian foundations that prey on humanity in distress, the GMO poisoning of your food, the pharmaceutical giant’s numbing, dumbing and sickening agenda, and the nano-particulated false screen in your sky you are not feeling at all. And that is to what I write, giving your self permission to feel completely for we all to often offer up our discomfort to the conceptualized god of static all good.

The depth to which one allows themselves to feel is the depth to which one will draw up the purer waters of Love. We are dangerously close to such a state of ideological goodness that we are extinguishing the passionate and compassionate fire of love.

If we are to effectively wield a sword of truth it must have two edges and it must ring with a sound both true and real. Love will absolve hatred and hatred can be the fuel to love more deeply and broadly. Two energies no longer in battle with each other become the third mysterious element that reverberates beyond the static quo into the furthest reaches of creation.

In Sanskrit hate is translated to mean – in the hand – Not a scholar I simply accepted this translation for it spoke so clearly of a multiple of meanings, it is in our hand to wield our honed sword of truth with all the flames of righteous indignation at what has been done in our name.

What I advocate for here is not to hate but to embrace hate, to hold the forge of it in the hand.