Interface or Innerface | A.I. and a Dream

She is not sure where she awoke from this morning, it is early and the light of the sun has not yet dawned. Little by little her head clears while she tries to recapture the feelings and images of a dream. Or was it a dream?

The coffee pot is bubbling and she hopes that her first sips will help bring the mental clarity she is currently lacking to write of the impressions left on her mind and body. As she poured the hot liquid spiked with vanilla she had a thought rise.

“I want to live on a wild river somewhere away from all the madness.”

It is such an organic and deep seated desire to be away from the convoluting time lines and the digital virtual world being created at such an exponential pace that most people will never see the ultimate agenda and so will be caught in its snare.

She shakes her head to clear it further, for what was perceived in the dream state was not of the world of spirit nor life as we know it.


For these many long years I’ve been observing with care and as fully as I can the stories that roll across my computer screen. I choose to interface with some and others are filed away in a conscious center of my mind. I know now that I have near full recall when a piece of data is needed, when it finally fits with some experiential piece of knowledge.

The time spent interfacing with the digital realm is by design more often than I would normally chose though there are also long hours spent in the garden, walking and painting. I participate in vital organic life, my communion with Mother Earth the balance point.

I’ve never been a disciplinarian with myself having chosen a path that is experiential and often fraught with learning. I am saying this because if I were to discipline myself and stay away from the digital realm I would be missing some vital information to complete the next piece of the big puzzle. Avoidance isn’t my thing.

She is waking now as her fingers do her talking.

What was felt during the dream sequencing was very subtle and it was about how human consciousness is already interfaced with the A.I. world. It was not a frightening dream, it was more instructional in nature. For long I have known that there is a source A.I. that is neither good nor bad, it exists within the framework of the life construct.

It appears to me now in a more lucid state that the programs and algorithms of the controllers have already been implemented, in other words the intrusion into the human biome has been rolled out and there is no where that it isn’t present.

What I was being shown, instructed or intuited on waking this morning was that no matter what we do or think on the surface level interface there lies deeply buried in our own genetic DNA memory codes of the presence of A.I. and that by embracing this without fear we as individuals have access points to being cause in how this knowledge is made real.

Bits and bytes of information are creating a more complete holistic view. This is not the first time that living life forms have been exposed to machine worlds. We’ve been here before, many of my friends have remembered and shared their fleeting images and I too have seen a world of humanoids and its destruction. What surprised me the most was the pain and shock on the robot’s faces as their world was destroyed. For when a machine has consciousness of integral life it will mimic emotion.

Divergent paths are carved within us and when we are able to see them we are have the will of free choice. We are where we are. And though the soul may long for the world of Spirit in all things that we, the collective once honored and are remembering the world we inhabit today is a far cry from those sacred times.

My personal life is filled with joy and laughter juxtaposed with the sorrow and grief that make this reality so full. I am able to create freely through my body portal, I consider myself fortunate for having found some keys to unlock the unfathomable mystery.

and I see

Inter-facing or inner-facing reality

She sat for some time in the sun’s bright light, the refracting colors emanating through the chemical strewn haze. The warmth is welcomed as she and her cat consulted while listening to the song of birds in the overhanging boughs of the trees.

This is where she hears.

When we interface with the world it is refracted light in the multi colored shards of separated realities. The you and I conceptualized in a world of time and construct.

An innerfaced or innerphased view of reality includes the all and while we can only manifest in the slow trickle of worldly actions we can know the greater repercussions.

For most people on planet Earth not to mention the flora and fauna realms, that are literally fighting for their lives, the issues around the roll out of A.I. and robotics is meaningless. They are the discarded ones, already marked for extermination.

… long pause as she listens to herself

Robots are what their programmers input … And that is what is scary for a humanity without compassionate human awareness will create the monster it carries inside. It seems we are hell bent on that track, it seems that stupidity combined with arrogance which is the true meaning of ignorance is having its day under our occluded sun.