The Holy Land | The Ground Beneath Your Feet

I haven’t written much about the “news” lately which is not really news at all, it is the scripted version of a historical time line that loops “it”s self over and over again, variations on a theme.

There are moments when I feel spiritually contracted by the force of so many lies, not only that they are told but that they are believed and repeated in a ceaseless barrage of ignorance.

On of my favorite truth speakers asked a question, in my opinion it stands out as the most vital question worth asking: “Where is your bottom line?” Too many are far too ready to opt for a half truth if they find it convenient to their personal status quo. We are aware of a world gone insane and it is daunting to confront because as we do we must walk through the mind field of feeling inadequate in dealing with it. The process of cognitive dissonance will bear the fruit of truth if we allow it to, for once the falsely installed belief-pieces fall away our wholeness will rejoin where the dark is no longer frightening and we become the bearers of inner light.

There is the hard wall that our human conscious awareness has not yet collectively breached. We can dance in the ideological cosmic all, believing that we are connected and yet not make that connection real, it remains in the realm of fairy dust, fantasy thinking, for without knowledge and the directed force of love in action we will remain puppets on the death dealers strings.

Allow me to digress …

Many years ago while enmeshed with a small group of people who were taking an unknown path I first encountered the shocking idea that Adolf Hitler was not the most evil man the planet ever knew, it was put forth that he knew of a force of greater evil and his mission was to stop it. This idea shook me to my core, I was afraid to even think the thought, which is what eventually propelled me over many years to take another look. It was slow progress because I felt like I was an aberration within prevalent social context, already an outsider it pushed me further onto the fringe.

I personally started investigating the manipulations of WWI and WWII and “the war that never ended” because I found in me a fear, shame even to look into the forbidden (illegal) subject of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. I also developed a growing trust of my inner voice, the fleeting visions and dreams that leak through from the other side and this happened in regards to Hitler. Two conflicting memories arose in lucid dreams. The first was as a young woman on a train being taken to one of the camps, full of fear and terror. At one moment the train screeched to a halt and somehow myself and many others made it into the river we stopped by. I found myself floating in the flowing river feeling grateful and free. I will come back to this later.

The second dream-vision was me walking up a grand stairway with two giant stone lions guarding the entry. In this dream I am a male in a military uniform, not the black of the SS but a khaki one, I am blond, tall and bear myself proudly. My mission is as an attaché to Adolf, it seems I am entrusted with the delivery of sensitive information and I take this very seriously. There is a young woman with me, she is Jewish and also trusted within the ranks. The dream lasted a long time including moments when all the horror and doubt of war plagued me, there was too much death, too much suffering.

Not forgetting that we are spiritual beings within a human experience I tried to put these two dreams together into something that made cohesive sense. While reviewing them again I feel that the first one released me from a very deeply embedded fear and relationship with myself. I’ve had many memories of “past lives” the greatest fears and sorrows have always arisen at the hands of tyranny, the horrible slaughter of innocent people. And yet the worst memories come with the realization of the darker hand I played at different times to try and save myself from further injury … Today this collective trauma based nightmare goes on and on.

Returning to topic, we are living under the tyranny of the victors of WWI and WWII with their well developed propaganda and perversion of whatever truth there was in these world atrocities. So if a pendulum must swing lets swing it to the far extreme to see what is hidden from us. And when we rectify the worst of the lies lets allow the pendulum to find center. For myself this is not an obsession it is more akin to a mission to bring some light into this chapter of dark forbidden his-story.

One of my first questions and it should be a rather blaring one: Why is it illegal to bring anything that disproves and underscores the lies we’ve been told about Hitler and the holocaust to the surface?

Ernst Zündel, Ursula Haverbeck, David Irving to mention a few have paid dearly for their research. They have been thrown in jail, banned from countries, had their research stolen and their characters assassinated. That tells us something or we haven’t learned a thing from all these years looking down the rabbit holes of the dark governmental agendas.

Winston Churchill was a drunken war mongering slob, and yet we are to think/believe that somehow he and his imperialistic paid cronies were upholding the good fight? Why do we allow the likes of him and Stalin to be preserved unquestioned in the false annals of time while allowing Hitler to be branded as the greatest evil that ever lived? Hitler who we are to believe/think of as a madman bent on taking over the world. My research gives me a differing point of view and while I can’t say with 100% certainty that Hitler wasn’t influenced by nefarious elements his character speaks for itself if you take enough time to look beyond the veils of prejudice. I would go far enough to say that “knowing what we know now” with access to so much information and a larger world view it is most likely that he was influenced for we do know that “victory” of many battles are won via treachery, propaganda and covert agent provocateurs.

We also are wise enough to know that there will always be elements that seek power within any structure or system and being inside the SS or close to Adolf was a way to usurp power and use it for personal gain or madmen type egomania. I could not deny that this most likely occurred. What we don’t know is how aware Adolf was of these rogue agents. What we don’t know is how close he may have walked to madness himself watching his beloved Germany and traditional way of life being obliterated to dust.

I’ve often stated that to truly get a better view of what might have been it is necessary to walk in the time that the historical figure or event occurred. We can gather documents and have endless discussions from this future perspective without ever really finding the lesson we need to learn. If we haven’t learned from our past we are doomed to repeat it. Learning for myself is an interior work.

Lets just take a look at the word Nazi, this word along with holocaust has specific and narrow interpretations in the collective mind. Both are terms of propaganda and have taken on a nearly archetypal meaning.

Nazi = tyrannical. socialist, hate crimes, white supremacist
From Wikipedia: “National Socialism (German: Nationalsozialismus), more commonly known as Nazism is the … The term “Nazi” was in use before the rise of the NSDAP as a colloquial and derogatory word for a backwards farmer.” Could this be interpreted as a slur much like the use of the words nigger, wasp, or nip?

Holocaust = the genocide of 6 million Jews.
Holocaust is the ongoing killing and genocide of People, the worst genocides committed by the Bolsheviks and the slaughter of native Americans. And the Irish, and the Aborigines, and any native culture that claims the right of self rule.

So much anger and blame is directed at the white root race yet it too experienced mass genocide so is it any wonder that those who carry the Nordic in their blood try to bring forth certain truths? I have discovered my own genealogy which is almost purely Nordic, this has helped me comprehend why I feel the need to look deeper.

This knowledge brought me to study the Nordic myths, traditions and the World Tree. And what surfaced with that was a knowledge of the occult. Without writing a dissertation something I am not particularly good at allow me to bring to the table some thoughts. First the occult trail that the Third Reich followed is distinctly different from the occult trail of say the Rothschild’s. Societies that were fundamental to the rise of the Third Reich were the Thule and VRIL. For myself on looking deeper I find that there are “secrets of power” the Black Sun contained within this knowledge, the truth of magnetism and the ability to harness it. How this energy is used or hidden is what we should be concerned with. I should note that anyone who has access to it will be tested to the fullness of their integrity.

The occlusion of magnetism and sources of Free Energy falls squarely on the shoulder of the “victors” of WWII.

Implosion vs explosion: Implosion is a way to harness this energy without destruction while anything that explodes (nuclear bombs, internal combustion engines, etc.) is destructive. This statement is both internal and external. When we as living beings learn to harness our power inwardly we clearly see that we are counter rotational fields of energy, both dark and light, both poles of energy centering within the self, at this point we no longer need to exert control over anyone or anything else. On a more collective scale if we humans were able to harness the endless source of energy as free energy without killing or harming for it we would be able to implement a sane world. But we are still ruled by madmen.

Fast forward to the ever present now…

We find our collective humanity at a critical time in the cross hairs of Truth, the inner truth of our Divine Being and the outer lies of history repeating itself.

My objective in writing this is not to be right, it is simply to open a pathway for others if they care to look. To bring Adolf Hitler to the front page of a website devoted to inner exploration feels risky however my inner dialogue propels me to express and hopefully connect some dots. That we collectively have allowed one man to bear the weight of being the archetypal evil we have allowed a lie to continue to exist.

From the opposite flow or direction of seeing we are permitted the view that Hitler knew what was coming and tried to stop it. His love of the Aryan people did not exclude other races and traditions, he was a staunch supporter of the right of a nation to rule itself without interference. Within his army were Muslims, Jews and many other nationalities, he encouraged these people to follow their inherent traditions. War is hell and to that there is no doubt, atrocities were committed on all fronts, to that there is no doubt. However this does not exclude the fact that a lie was told and made real by the controllers who use death and hatred as their holy script.

We are where we are today, the world events are showing us something about Zionism and how it operates. There is a distinction we can make today that perhaps wasn’t available over 75 years ago, it is the distinction of Jewishness as a spiritual quest and that of the political Zionist. Since the political ideology of Zionism was born, Zionists have been using the name of Judaism as an instrument for their propaganda to justify the immoral occupation of Palestine and the relentless march to take over Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and all neighboring territories.. Many Jews have become the scapegoat of the Zionist political organization.

Once upon a time before 1947 there was peace in Palestine, Muslims, Christians and Jews lived in relative harmony in a land that was sacred to three Abrahamic religions with more in common than in difference. I won’t go into the dark field of these religions here for that is not the purpose of this writing even though I feel it is vital for personal freedom to disclose this too.

There is a bottom line to which the adherents of All is Love can agree to, differences accepted, we the People of Planet Mother Earth have been at war too long, we have watched with steady eyes the usurpation of power over as Authority grows in its mechanisms of control in the desecration of The Holy Land, the ground you stand on.

To stop being pawns on the game board it is vital that we see through all the deceptive propaganda and not allow ourselves to villainize another people, to stop being snared in the Hegelian dialectic of problem, reaction, solution. To stop using words that were purposely developed to lead us astray, to divert and keep us from delving deeper. To maintain the distance of cosmic observer and continue to act within the context of every vital moment we are given.

Fortunately the many are rising in awareness. I will conclude this article with an invitation to investigate what I feel are important truths coming to the surface. While many may balk at my mention of Adolf Hitler I feel it is imperative to release him from the burden of hatred, we are encouraged to hate and blame him on one hand while on the other we are forbidden to even question the now-proven-lie of the Jewish holocaust. This alone should prompt any truth seeker to take a renewed look at the reasons and entities that hide beneath and ferret out their agenda.

Today in Israel there is a growing movement of Orthodox Jews and Jewish People who are marching and speaking out against the Zionist usurpation of control. These people, just as any people who have the courage to confront the system, are being repressed, jailed and brutalized.

As the barbarity of the manufactured wars on Syria, Yemen and Palestine bleed through the propagandized headlines more people wake up to the realization that war isn’t something people innately do, it is promoted and implemented based on a small group of entities that feed off of human resources as they deplete the natural abundance of the Earth. They use cut outs and mouth pieces to control the narrative. The ones that are at the finite pinnacle of deception will be brought to the surface and then, maybe then the world will awaken enough, stop warring long enough to allow a new day to dawn.