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“The New Earth is the Original Earth. We live in the Natural World in which all are supported. Poverty and other societal issues are of an old, deconstructing, constructed paradigm, which is dying. We ARE the bridge to the New, the Original, Natural World in which All Are Invited. No one is excluded, nor left behind. All Are Included in the Organic World.”  ~  mascha roedelof

During the course of several months we have come to know mascha roedelof and her dedication to imagineering a new paradigm of abundance on the Earth.

We share with her the gnosis that we are created as divine beings who have taken a physical form on the Earth. We also are well aware that this inheritance has been stolen from human beings. It matters little whether a being incarnated at this time comes from a distant galaxy or is an earthling whose memory codes come from the formation of this expression of divine creator, for no matter the fact is that we are here.

We are intrinsically connected to the all and once this is real-I-zed in the fullness of the implications we are half way home. Another way of phrasing this is that we are now connected to core, to central sun our inner reality. What remains is for each individual is to create from the infinite field of abundance. We also acknowledge when in a self honest assessment in transition phase. An as if situation that one can say is a test or challenge to actualize in this creation.

Are “all men (women) created equal?” This is a fundamental mental question and if we answer yes then we also have within this realm the ability (response-ability) to create a paradigm that flows from that choice.

mascha presents some ideas that challenge us to deeper consideration, it has been her work of many years to help others find their own truth and in doing so support others. Every living creature on our planet is a divine creation, accepting this as REALITY we can make the choice to open up new venues and platforms that facilitate Existence Money.

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