Communication and Diversity | The Real Magic of Redox Signalling

“The greatest thinkers and innovators are always moving towards greater freedom, for creativity can only thrive in freedom.” ~ Niels Kunze

Niels shares with christine his continuing experiences utilizing new health aids that are being developed from the cutting edge of research into the deeper mechanisms of how our body makes magic. We spoke two months ago and he joyfully reports new benefits from using several products.

For both of us it is difficult to recommend products that many may not be able to afford however the information shared is so fascinating as it is based on inspired research outside the mainframe paradigm, the findings weave a merging of science and spirituality.

In Niels’ own words: “The important thing to remember throughout this series is to look to the consciousness behind these products and modalities. In everything that I write, it’s always about consciousness— not money, things or convenience.”

Joy and knowledge can be contagious, we share from a place of discovery into what a truly magnificent journey it is to restore the mechanisms of nature’s communication through restoring health to the body biome that truly is connected to all.

I have caught Niels’ enthusiasm and have given myself a the gift of exploring these new findings and they are expanding both my inner and outer views. My neural pathways were firing in so many directions as new connections were being made.

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The Real Magic of Redox Signalling – by NIELS KUNZE, the free radical

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Eat Dirt: The Secret To a Healthy Microbiome – Zach Bush

Roll in the dirt! Travel just to breathe the air! And definitely stop thinking of yourself as just a human!  Zach Bush is a triple board certified physician and founder and director of M Clinic.

Zach talks about what’s going on inside your gut, what the environmental factors are and what you can do about it.

In this episode, you’ll get the dirt on plants and how they’re affecting our mitochondria, our environment, the prospect of living forever, cancer treatment and the epidemic of neural diseases.

Enjoy the show!

Energy Weapons, C60 Source of Life, Newton & Gravity Redefined

This video is the one in which a potential explanation is given for how C60 protects the human biome from radiation, EMF and other frequency damages.

“Ken “the Scientist” along with Patty Greer joins the program to discuss Greer’s brush in with energy weapons, the amazing benefits of C60, and how C60 is the source of life. Ken is the mind behind which brings us one the highest quality C60 oil available today.”

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