Robert Stanley Interviews Mauta Kumara – Tohunga of New Zealand Ancient Light Navigator

“And we will keep searching for our footsteps in the sands of time…”
Avijeet Das

Robert Stanley Interviews Mauta Kumara (this is a downloadable podcast recorded on December 7th, 2018)

Closing her eyes for a moment she hears the rush of incoming waves reaching shore, the ocean carrying with it the sound of eternity in grace. She hears the silent whispers of friends whose heart’s beat to the same whoosing sound, inception and reception, ceaseless is Spirit’s call to the currents of long ago presenting in the now. She’s sees the same spark in your eyes like diamonds twinkling in the deep night sky and a smile broadens her face for languages long forgotten are being sung.

Lately I’ve had the good fortune to enter into several deep coversations with new friends. We are not alone when we recognize that we really are ancient friends reconnecting, as a communicator it brings me great pleasure and joy to re-experience a resonance that we had lost in the shifting sands of time.

The words I write on this page are being repeated through the vocal chords of so many, no words in this truncated language exist to give expression in full resonance. I am most grateful to Kristin Lang for sharing two extra-ordinary people’s work with me, both have taken me into a deepened recognition and connectedness to what has been shown to me as the remnants of my own trajectory are rewoven from a tattered past to a whole.

The first I am sharing is an interview from Robert Stanley’s radio show with Mauta Kumara. Perhaps not needed but I will make a side note; I found it necessary to nullify my criticism of the platform itself as it is punctuated by advertisements and one for FEMA of all things. Thankfully I am finding it increasingly easy to step out of “all things conspiracy mind set” and settle into a quietude that hears beyond that which jars my human nerves.

A second note is that much shared in this podcast is being received by many others, the streams are open and running strong so it isn’t surprising that gyroscope came up in my work last week nor that Mauta’s website symbol which he speaks about is quiet ancient and my friend here has made many copper wire versions of the same.

Star navigators on board, this is a good one: Download podcast from archives of December 7th, 2018.