The Genius of Walter Russell with Matt Presti | Our Divine Inheritance and Commentaries

My video silence was because I didn’t want to add any noise to the field, my soul needed time to integrate all that was before humanity as our Earth Realm rights it’s self. The necessity holding a steady course as the confronting forces which have propelled us into an epic and cosmic battle were felt deep within. Evermore there is a sense of exhaustion coupled with exhilaration as each of us hold the upright pole of our Being.

Matt Presti is a source of guiding light whose work is expressed in his music and poetry. He graciously joined Earth Empaths to speak about the Work of Walter and Lao Russell. Links to where you can view his own work and with The University of Science and Philosophy at the bottom of this writing. Please support this vital work to protect a Living Legacy of Light.

We do know, we’ve always known our Source yet we’ve been indoctrinated and fooled into doubting the very existence of God within. May our words be an inspiration as we Rise in Spirit.

🔥 Please support Matt’s work by purchasing a book or via donation, he is preserving a living legacy, one that the parasitical agents have failed to suppress.





University of Science and Philosophy





In Closing for Now…

I had wanted to edit our sharing with images and music but for some reason my editing software refused to render the video, so be it. I am including the trailer that I felt fit the video so well.

As I was looking for material I found that I had already shared an interview from 2016 here on Earth Empaths: Walter and Lao Russell | The Cosmology of Light | Matt Presti & Robert Otey on OffPlanet Radio
You might want to listen to it too. Peace out.