The Still Plane | A Creation Story

She lay quietly in the stillness of the predawn hours, fragments of memories replaying a disjointed whole. Waiting and watching is her muse. The (A)ethereal realm slowing reaches a moment of coherence. These moments are not easy to capture in writing. She can try.

For many years, perhaps a decade now, I have been exploring the concept of a flat earth. Inexorably, realizations present, both the inner and the outer ones; bolstered by listening to the multiple voices of those who have stripped away the lie that we are on a spinning ball rotating at 1,037 mph and hurling around the sun at 67,000 mph. For those who haven’t yet explored this fascinating subject, I suggest that there is wisdom in ridding yourselves, even if only momentarily, of the ridicule that scientism has used to keep us from freely exploring our world by utilizing our innate creativity. You’ll begin to see a place where all possibilities and potentialities exists.

These flat earthers, mostly fellows, have documented and peppered the internet with the obvious fakery of NASA and the hollow voices of spokespersons who wear lab coats of false authority. A mind that is open will observe with little bias, it will receive what is being shown, and perhaps it becomes an imperative to question everything we’ve ever been told. Its paradigm shifting so many will turn a blind eye; however, they have now seen, and perhaps at a future date something will click into place and the blinders of indoctrination will fall away. Surely, with the installation of a ministry of truth more people now see how desperate they are to keep their lies alive.

Originally my interest was peaked by exploring hollow earth; Agartha, the Hyperboreans, Norse Mythology, Shambala, and other ancient cultures’ depiction of the flat/hollow earth that are remarkably similar in cultures across the world. All depict a mountain or tree at the center of the earth with a flat plane where life flourishes, where people populate and live. Above is the firmament and below is the underworld or great deep. I have yet to hear any of the louder and more excited voices in the flat earth movement speaking of the underworld — it is important to do so.

Hebrew Map of the Earth plane, heavenly dome and the Great Deep.
In Norse mythology Yggdrasil grows at the at the center of the Flat Earth, the branches
reach to the dome and the roots extend to underworld.
In Hinduism, Kūrma, the second avatar of Vishnu is a Turtle, just as it is in
Native American creation stories.

My wake up to the stillness of the Earth plane came in an astounding moment while sitting quietly outside. In a flash of recognition, it became undeniable that I was living on a still quiet plane, not spinning and hurling through the vacuum of space. How can I describe this realization so that others may perceive it? My life’s journey, the twists and turns, the high mountains and the deep valleys of consciousness simply coalesced into a profound moment of beauty. It came with an inhale and long slow exhale — When you, I, us, realize we are all the same thing, that we breathe the same substance, are made of the same substance, there is only a wondrous, mysterious exploration that remains.

Many people have posed the question; what difference does the shape of the world make? As plausible as it sounded, I couldn’t fully agree. I respected those who asked the question so I carried it with me for a long time. All I can say now, is that it makes all the difference in the world. It takes away all randomness, it so grounds one’s body in Creation that can only be described as both comforting and awe inspiring.

To tell this story, and what was shown to me I will move on to my interest in magnetism, electro dynamics and plasma (ether). In my mystical mind’s eye I perceive “ether” as water, a great ocean that is all existence. All my life the best metaphor to describe my growing insights, hewn from experience, has been navigating a body of water, whether it be a river or the ocean. When that metaphor extends out beyond the physical, it is possible to find oneself navigating the great expanse of the unknown. We are made of water itself, and once submerged in this ever changing substance, perhaps we can trim our sails to steady our course. There is a longing in every true heart to go home, for myself this is love and an unbreakable connection to Source, the eternal fountain of Life.

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” Alan Watts

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
― Rumi

Where I will go now is to the work of Ken Wheeler, Theoria Apophasis. His videos and books have helped me focus on a single point of consciousness as well as realizing that we can hone our comprehension from the complex to the simplex. Magnetism pure and simple. The flux of magnetic lines within a torus, moving up from center (zero point, source point) and then moving down again and back to center. Everything in manifestation is regenerating itself from this spring of eternal life. For the reader who wants the science behind this, please explore the works of Ken Wheeler, Tesla, Walter Russell, Viktor Schauberger and many others. Vortex science is the perfect geometry of creation. We can see and measure the beneficial effects when vortexing water. Moving to my vision — I will leave the explanations for more brilliant scientific minds than mine.

Pssst.. Real science is always within the observational, not devoid of it.

Depiction of a a torus, everything moves from Source point (often called zero point) and returns in a continual fluid dynamic.

While I was listening to Ken Wheeler talk this morning, as I often do, I closed my eyes and perceived that within the seen world, the plane of inertia or physical creation, everything is aether, this mysterious unseen ocean that permeates all life. When the mind goes still and quiet, what remains in pure perception. This morning I saw how the body self was connected to the whole of creation, my head was soaring high in the heavens, down through my body to feet sunk deep within the Earth. The simplest way to describe this is a state of Being that is existence at its simplest and yet most profound perception.

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe, there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration.” Nikola Tesla 

To complete this writing I need mention the underworld, and why it is vital to consider it . These are the shadow realms, where the hidden subconscious creatures, thoughts, long dead, and other forms guard this passage. Contained within this place; call it Hades, Amenti, Helheim or Sheol is the passage that all men and women have to make to reach the higher planes of existence, or as some like to postulate, find the exit from this prison planet. What does this indicate for any single human being? It is the process of purification of the consciousness; body, mind, and soul. Shadow work seems to be one of those terms bantered around without giving much attention to it. Experientially it is literally going through the gates of hell and emerging on the other side. Not that many will make this passage, for there are gatekeepers that exist to fool one into believing they have reached an exalted state; this is the ego clinging to its own importance.

“Self-importance is man’s greatest enemy. What weakens him is feeling offended by the deeds and misdeeds of his fellow men. Self-importance requires that one spend most of one’s life offended by something or someone.” — Don Juan Matus

Please allow for my wanderings here — I’ve written about this before and am trying to encapsulate it in a few words. What we are now collectively experiencing is the underworld coming to the surface. The traumas, the injustices, the wars, the greed and the creatures from the shadows are now out it full display. It had to be this way — for far too few have heeded the trumpet call of Truth, the bell of Compassion, or the breath of Love.

Let’s go back now to the Torus, look at it again. Now close your eyes and visualize that the Source point is the center of your Being. Rest there for sometime, distractions will arise; busyness will want to hurry you outwardly. Just sit with it, focus on the rise and fall of your breath. Nothing is moving now, you are simply existent within a realm of total potentiality. This is the perceptual zone where we are all One. A Knowing will develop with practice until it becomes the foundation on which you rise.

She remembers times long past when this body wasn’t so heavy, so sunk down in the density of where we inhabit now. The vibrations, the sounds, the colors were so vibrant that she floated just above the ground. In these moments of recall she knows that all is not lost, for time is meeting itself again in the great cycling of the ever-present now.

We are many now, each expressing in our unique voices, the Truth of Beauty and that Imagination is Real.

Peace Be with Thee.