The Vault of Heaven | A Reflection Perfecting

Something magical occurs when friends speak from the depths of their gnosis—allow me to explain my use of this word: for myself, Gnosis is the process by which one penetrates the veils of lies and indoctrinated beliefs to an inner core—thus knowing that they are resonating with truth. By sharing with several other good friends, we’ve learned together that we all experience something that is not the dual and dueling aspect of mind; it’s far deeper. There is always a body recognition that could be said to sing in a harmonic that is undeniable. It is also true that in attempting to bring these experiences to the surface, they usually evade the categorizing that words, of necessity, require. This is why poetry, painting, song, parable and allegory are so often used by mystics, both past and present.

Over the past few days, almost daily now, I am given over to the inner perceptual field. It isn’t noisy or full; more often than not it is silent and still. It takes an ability to wait, to listen and accept what might come through. In a manner of speaking, you could call it silent prayer. While speaking with a profound-thinking and -feeling friend, I listened as he attempted to put multiple disciplines, multiple writings, multiple musings into a coherent whole. I know him; therefore it is easy for me, for my body resonates with memories of lucid moments in my life’s journey as he speaks.

Yesterday two relatively simple thoughts appeared within the inner field—they aren’t new, but this time they showed with a piercing light of comprehension. The first was that I could see without doubt that this present moment I am experiencing contains within it the totality of the past and the future completion—a flash of the Ouroboros. I am decidedly unscholarly, so I simply allowed this ancient symbol to speak directly to me. Next came the phrase “The Vault of Heaven”, repeated in my mind several times. This is where I will attempt to weave a coherent structure around the implications of these words.

Per my previous writing here, I proposed my illumination of The Way we exit the control matrix or simulation. My friend was being shown in his own way the profound life-changing opening of the heart; his heart was speaking to him from such a deep place that he connected with heaven, the Heaven Most High. He spontaneously penned over 40,000 words—they are his to share in the right moment. What I wish to express is how his words pinged, or better expressed, played chords of revelations in my own life. Our lives couldn’t be more different; this always amazes me how each individual will come to revelations in such a unique and astounding way.

For decades I have explored the nature of our realm. It started to coalesce as my attention was drawn to the Arctic north—my ancestry is a mix of Germanic and Nordic. There resides in my bones and my blood a field of affinity with the Nordic people. The depiction of the World Tree, the myths of the Norse all caught my attention, and so I started exploring the ancient stories of Agartha. It was an enchanting deep dive into a supposedly mythical world of great beauty. Here, I need to thank a few of my lady friends who explored these memories with me, each adding a piece, building a more coherent comprehension of what we were seeing together.

So much has been lost due to the religiosity (used here as in bind or relegate) of the church fathers who erased, changed, or hid the canonical texts of scripture. They decked themselves in robes of authority and convinced most of the people that only through them could you contact god. They devastated the ancient temples and groves; they hunted down those who retained the knowledge of the ages. Any serious investigator into our hidden history comes to the same conclusion. That said, they couldn’t eradicate the Spirit that resides in all things, nor could they corrupt the records of the past so carefully carved in stone, buried in vaults and recorded in the astral records. There are always those who can hear these Aetheric voices; indeed these memories are embedded in each of us, for our bodies are a divine technology that once awakened will fulfill the promises made eons ago.

So on to the Vault of Heaven, the thought was probably inspired by my friend’s speaking of the Milky Way overhead, how he deeply intuited that it was the vulva of the world matrix; of course this makes one think of the birth canal or birthing process. Researching the etymology of words is something I do automatically. Often while writing, a word will appear on the page and I have to go make sure I used it correctly. So the word Vault caught my attention. The passage below caught my attention, though the most understood meaning of the word denotes the “arched roof or ceiling.”

“It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Sanskrit valate “turns round,” ulvam “womb, vulva.” It needs to be noted that, like most resources on the internet, etymology and dictionaries are being altered all the time. More often than not I will go with my intuition—in this case this lines up with there being a vulva or birthing door in the firmament. The luminaries (stars) and wandering stars (planets) are intelligences that are transferring a field of light intelligence we can hear if we are quiet enough and free enough from restraining beliefs, in other words allow our intuition and imagination free reign. We’ve been so indoctrinated for so long that we often discard the most important messages being relayed to us in constant waves of harmonizing resonance.

Our walk is to bring Heaven to Earth, for she is a reflection of the Most High perfecting.

She gently closes her eyes with fingers on the keyboard — again she sees a guiding star just above her crown. It’s been there for a long time now, and she wonders if that is her place in Heaven.

The Star lands in paradise!
The perfected human being.
It’s the experience of falling in love.
Being able to see your true self, naked, in all your beauty; nothing to hide.
The shell has burst open and your essential self is free!

You’re the newly escaped butterfly, sunning your wings,
like a flower unfurling, petal and leaf.

The stars describe your progress through the holy work.
A five-pointed star, single point up, is bright with cultivated human intelligence.
The six-pointed star represents the union of the human self with the divine self.
The eight-pointed star is a perfected human with fully developed potential.
The Star means it’s time to reveal your authentic self.

Polish each moment like a fine jewel and fill your life with treasures.
You will no longer ration your bliss, nor earn it, nor keep it, nor even deserve it;
Open it like a dry sponge and fill your being with joy.

Can you be yourself under any circumstance?
Have you fallen in love with your essential self?
Can you allow your true inner beauty to shine forth?

The above was taken from a description of the Tarot major arcana card, The Star. This is a good place to end my muse—surely more will come later.

Fall in Love, so madly and deeply that the madness of the world ceases to matter, for surely then we are on the threshold of a transfiguration.