Lara Logan and Sasha Latypova | DOD Vaxx Coverup and the FDA Theater

Sasha Latypova in and interview with Lara Logan. This is one of the most damning testimonies of thousands that I have heard. Must listen and listen carefully.

Here is Sasha’s bio on Substack, a woman of experience, intelligence, talent, and faith.

Sasha Latypova
Dec 4, 2022

I promise this will be the only post about myself. I am a private individual and attention seeking was never interesting to me. I could have stayed happily unknown in my own comfortable little world of family, art and mountain biking, but then 2020 happened… I have provided some background information about myself in many interviews, however here is a recap of who I am and why I am doing this. I no longer work full time formally, however in the past 2+ years, I spent countless hours, often more than a full time week working on the research and analyses necessary to uncover fraud, corruption and crime in the pharmaceutical industry in collusion with governments all over the world which the public is being sold as “covid pandemic”. I collaborate with 100+ amazing people whom I met in this fight – scientists, doctors, engineers, software wizards, lawyers, journalists. As many will attest, the silver lining of the global descent into totalitarian hell is that we met each other. Working with these incredible individuals fills me with a profound sense of awe in the divine power that created and guides us, gives me (maybe irrational) sense of optimism, and motivates me to do more.

I provide all my research and findings free to anyone who wants to use this information to help themselves, their family, friends or use it to fight the nonsensical, unlawful and outright evil acts of totalitarian psychopaths in our government, military, academia, healthcare and schools.

I am an ex-pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) industry executive and entrepreneur. I spent 25 years working in the industry in various roles, countries and ultimately managing my own companies. I worked initially as an econometrics and management consultant, and later as clinical trials contractor for 60+ pharmas, large and small. My clients included Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, AstraZeneca, GSK, and many smaller biotechs. I worked with “channel partners” such as large contract research organizations (CROs) – Parexel, PPD, ICON, and others. I interacted with the FDA and other regulators on behalf of my clients, and as a member of Cardiovascular Safety Research Consortium on subjects related to assessments of cardiovascular safety of new drugs in clinical trials. Around that time, I met Robert Califf who is now the Commissioner of the FDA. He was my business competitor and was running rather poor quality cardiac safety trials for pharma at an academic lab at Duke University. There is a thin line between “poor quality” and “fraud” in clinical trials, but we will return to this topic.

About my earlier background – I grew up in the former Soviet Union, in Ukraine, city of Zaporizhzhya, an industrial center of about 1 million residents at the time. I received an excellent primary education, albeit the schools I went to were “specialist”, i.e. selective and offering advanced programs in various subjects, including English and Math/Physics. I now realize that the level of my primary education exceeded that of an average college in the US today. In the late 80’s with “perestroika” and easing up on ideological censorship, George Orwell’s “1984” was finally published in Russian translation, for the first time, not as a book yet but in a literary journal. I got a copy and was reading it during a chemistry class in school. My teacher caught me, but said “keep reading, it is a great book!” Even for someone who grew up in a totalitarian regime which I do not endorse in any way, Orwell’s classic at the time read as a fascinating dystopia – our life was nowhere near that bleak. It pains me to see where the “free” world on the brink of that nightmare, with the most hellish part being the blind and even zealous complicity of regular people as well as “professionals” with the most evil and inhumane acts of the government against fellow human beings.

I went to study foreign languages in Kiev right around the collapse of the Soviet Union, and I spent several hard years struggling to both study and earn a living by working for a number of western companies (thanks to my knowledge of English primarily). Several included healthcare and IT related contracts. Unemployment ran at 25%, inflation at 1000%, but a $20/month would rent a tiny apartment in a roach infested “khrushevka” on the outskirts of Kiev with non-violent alcoholics for neighbors. Shortly after Ukraine’s independence, Russian Federation pulled the ruble as currency, and for 2 years we had no cash in circulation until hryvna was introduced. Those were interesting days, to say the least, but the experience I earned is truly invaluable and served me extremely well.

Update to this post based on comments from readers: this is the “currency” that was in circulation in Ukraine for about 2 years. We were paid with this (karbovanets):


I eventually decided to apply to an MBA program in the US and was fortunate to get accepted at the Amos Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth on a scholarship. While I disagree in many ways with the direction the school has taken in the recent years, I have very fond memories of Tuck in the late 90’s – free thinking, hard working, collegiate, open and highly intelligent place. I hope American education can one day return to the place of true learning and truth seeking it once was.

Coming back to the present, I grew increasingly alarmed by the government’s nonsensical and counterproductive actions marketed as “fighting covid”, but the realization that something truly fraudulent was going on came to me around April 2020 when suppression of hydroxychloroquine and other early treatments became quite obvious. The HHS was pushing an outright lie about this well characterized and helpful medicine with a very long history of practical application, and since they are professionals, just like myself, I knew they were lying outright. They could not NOT know. I started looking into data for myself. You can view all my analyses since then in a series of narrated powerpoint presentations and interviews on my Bitchute page here.

Another biographical note – after selling my company and exiting full-time work, I wanted to learn art. I was always interested in it, and had studied a little after school as a child. So, I started taking drawing classes and workshops and was able to go to Italy for a few months for a more formal course of study. My daughter came with me for some of the months and we spent some truly quality time together in Florence.

Be not afraid. I learned this from my daughter, who is a successful entrepreneur herself, and a person of strength, character and faith. Faith is something I have discovered on a much deeper level in these past couple of years. By popular demand, I will be including some of my artwork with my posts about pharma-government criminal enterprise. They have nothing to do with each other, for the most part. The painting of Daniel was completed in 2021. It is oil on linen, 50×36 inches. I cannot explain the process of composing it other than “it came to me this way”. There was simply no other way to see it.