The Kolbrin Bible | Taking a New Look at An Old Manuscript

JDreamerZ is not someone I have listened to on a regular basis, I actually don’t recall when or why I subscribed to his channel. There is a reason for everything—when one is in flow. This particular video caught my attention, I have been listening, going back and re-listening for I find a resonant chord. The host of the show is also an incredibly humble and gentle man. It has surprised me over these past few years to find so many young men speaking a humble truth. In this, I am indeed blessed beyond my wildest dreams, for having stepped outside my previous focus on the few voices I already knew a whole new blossoming of consciousness is available.

Many have tried to debunk the The Kolbrin Bible as a hoax, I can see why for it expresses a truth that once seen and integrated is undeniable. While many live with doubts and fears; much of this is because they don’t see what is happening in the unseen dimensions, being so firmly planted in the material plane that they miss the 99.99% of reality that is available, once sight has been turned inward.

The below podcast is from the publisher of the Kolbrin Bible, in which he makes an argument for its authenticity.

And for those who would like to listen or read this manuscript, I have included links to both audio and written copies. (can be downloaded)

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From a website on the Kolbrin Bible:
​Many will argue that the Kolbrin Bible is an elaborate fake.The Kolbrin was originally just called “The Kolbrin” and American publishers decided to add the “Bible”. However, whatever one might call it, it is it is a magnificent book with an ancient heritage and it is nothing short of a miracle that most of it it survived, at least from the 10th Century.

The Kolbrin Bible comprises eleven books. The first six books are said to be scribed by Egyptian writers shortly after the Exodus, and is called the “Bronzebook”. The last five books are collectively called “Coelbook” or “Kailedy” and are said be authored by Celtic priests written around the time that the New Testament was being created.

My personal belief is that the story presented in the Kolbrin is, for the most part, authentic true and real, even if the book itself is a hoax.

The Providence of the Kolbrin

The Kolbrin is purported to be a 3,600 year old book in the form of a scroll that was housed in the Library of Alexandria, Egypt along with about 700,000 other scrolls which contained the history and knowledge of the ancient world. When Julius Caesar invaded Egypt at the time of Cleopatra the library was burned in 48 B.C. However, some few scrolls were saved by people who removed them from the library before it was totally consumed in fire.

One such book was the Kolbrin. It is said that it was saved by Joseph of Arimathea. The Uncle of Jesus, who took the Kolbrin to Judea. In order to preserve these books they were later taken by the followers of Jesus to Britain, where they were stored in the Glastonbury Abby , in Summerset County for hundreds of years. In 1184 AD the Christian community there learned of the text and intentionally set a fire intended to burn the heretical books housed in the Abby. Fortunately, the Kolbrin was written on thin bronze sheets and placed in clay containers, then stored in a safe place in the Abby’s Library and though damaged, it survived.These plates were known as “The Bronzebook of Britain”. This designation was carried forward when they were written out in book STITCH from in the seventeenth century.The subject matter was then divided into chapters and the paragraphs were numbered. The whole was modernized in the latter part of the nineteenth or early part of the twentieth century. Incorporated in the modem Kolbrin are manuscripts which were traditionally claimed to have been copied from salvaged manuscripts which were not transcribed on to metal plates and formed a work known as “The Coelbook”. There is a second volume to the Kolbrin – the Gospel of the Kailedy and deals specifically with the life and times of Jesus Christ.

​No copies of these old scrolls are available for inspection today, although there are unsubstantiated reports that a copy exist in the Vatican vaults and a copy in India. Given the history of the book, the unavailability for inspection today could be deemed understandable.During the second and third decades of this century these books were in possession of a religious group in England . It would seem that throughout history the Kolbrin has always been on the brink of extinction, yet it has survived, safeguarded by a few who barely knew what it was all about, who were neither intellectual nor wealthy and for whom the practicalities of life took precedence.During the World War II the old books were thrown out as “worthless junk”, but were again saved, yet were again discarded as “heathen works of the Devil”, but luckily, again salvaged before irreparable damage was done. It was not easy to reconstruct them, even with the assistance of well-intentioned people who filled in a few gaps with compatible references to modem works.At present three editions of the material are available. A hardbound edition has been published, in association with the Culdian Trust, and is divided between two volumes, titled The Kolbrin and The Gospel of the Kailedy; the same group also has an online edition.