Cathedrals-Cathars-Cathodes | Remembrance with AEWAR

AEWAR is the creator of two monumental tour d’forces called “Lost History of Flat Earth”, he has since come out saying he was taken in by a psy-op of the material inundating the Tartaria hypothesis, that an advanced world-wide civilization existed and was responsible for all the beautiful architecture across the world at the turn of last century. Of course this brought immense criticism, anger, and disillusionment from many. Speaking for myself, I felt he demonstrated courage and honor to “out” himself. He did this for several reasons; number one, was that he went into loads of old archives that clearly demonstrated the construction process of these ornamental buildings, plus he researched the techniques used. The other reason was that he felt it took away from the fact that human beings are excellent craftspeople and highly creative. I still feel his original works are worthy of watching, if for no other reason than to loosen the grip fake history has on the human mind.

I am linking his latest three videos. While watching and listening I quite easily and profoundly slipped into a deep state of remembrance. I once wrote a piece titled, What If Everything is Written in Stone but not Set in Stone?. In a fluid sequence so much of my present life journey flowed back to me and an even deeper acceptance of my own knowing, Blessed to have visited cathedrals and other ancient stone sites in Romania, England, Scotland, a wee bit of Ireland. This knowing is, that all the stone structures when properly aligned along telluric earth currents plus being situated in areas with sacred wells and springs is the way our ancient ancestors preserved gnosis. No words needed; Vibration – God’s Song, if you will, bringing heaven to Earth.

I will keep my words short, though my heart is exploding and wanting to share so much more.


“Show not what has been done, but what can be. How beautiful the world would be if there were a procedure for moving through labyrinths.”
― Umberto Eco, The Name of the Rose

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